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Choose from over 30 subjects to keep your child learning from home. They can learn fun new topics, revise old ones, and be guided through by friendly subject experts.

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Handpicked tutors, wherever you live

Only one in eight tutors who apply make it on to our platform, and you can choose the best match for your child. They’re all subject experts from top UK unis, and we choose only those who’ll do the best job.

Trusted by teachers

We’re trusted by teachers

Because our lessons get such good results, schools use them to support their teaching. We work with 500+ across the UK, targeting learning gaps and helping pupils of all abilities reach their goals.

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Our online lessonspace makes learning fun

Tutors can explain tricky concepts using our interactive whiteboard. They use pictures, practice questions and interactive exercises to make lessons something your child will look forward to.

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Thousands of parents, students and teachers have rated us 4.9/5


Alicia E

89 Latin & English lessons


Natalya M. Parent

"It is SO positive to have a mentor in the same peer group and really understanding what it's like to be a student now . Our tutor has really helped with both exam technique and confidence."


Megan F

83 Chemistry lessons


Sharon T. Parent

"Millie achieved an A in chemistry! We are thrilled as she was predicted a D in February. Thank you so much for your help and support."


Emily S

24 English & History lessons


Natasha T. Parent

"Having a peer mentor made a huge difference to my daughter: built her confidence, motivated her and gave her the tools and belief that she could do it. And she did! She’s off to university in September, thank you!"


Damian Belshaw

Deputy headteacher

Djanogly City Academy

“MyTutor is a core part of our intervention strategy. In 2017, we achieved record results and were the second most improved school in the country”


Clare Thorpe

Pupil Premium Coordinator

Langley School

“One-to-one tuition gives students the chance to develop confidence and ask questions that they wouldn’t feel comfortable asking in a classroom setting”


Michelle O’Shae

Deputy head

Oakfield Academy

“MyTutor enables our students to work at their own pace, at their own level, and have that one-to-one tuition that they need to take them forward.”



4 Biology GCSE lessons


“When I’m having tutoring, I get to be alone in my own space and I can ask any question I want without anyone interrupting me”



21 Maths A-level lessons


“I like MyTutor because I get one-to-one support which I don’t get in a classroom of 30 kids”



24 Maths GCSE lessons


“I really enjoy learning with my tutor every week. She builds my confidence up – if I get something wrong, she tells me where I went wrong and how to do it better.”

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