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Alicia E Tutor image

Alicia E

Latin & English

89 sessions

Natalya M. Parent

"It is SO positive to have a mentor in the same peer group and really understanding what it's like to be a student now . Our tutor has really helped with both exam technique and confidence."

Megan F Tutor image

Megan F


83 sessions

Sharon T. Parent

"Millie achieved an A in chemistry! We are thrilled as she was predicted a D in February. Thank you so much for your help and support."

Emily S tutor image

Emily S

English & History

24 sessions

Natasha M. Parent

"Having a peer mentor made a huge difference to my daughter: built her confidence, motivated her and gave her the tools and belief that she could do it. And she did! She’s off to university in September, thank you!"

James G tutor image

James G


60 sessions

Julie F. Parent

"James is such a nice young man with amazing teaching skills who made chemistry manageable for my boys. Such a positive influence on my sons!"

Eilidh F Tutor image

Eilidh F


66 sessions

Sharon S. Parent

"My daughter has had a fabulous tutor and felt really confident going into her exams."

Tanisha S Tutor image

Tanisha S


125 sessions

Linda B. Parent

"Online was so beneficial for Megan because she learns better by being shown things. Since having the tutoring, she’s blossomed."

Tomek E Tutor image

Tomek E


23 sessions

Kristen C. Parent

"My daughter said that the time in Online Lessons really clarified things she'd found tricky in school Online Lessons and gave her confidence she could achieve better in future tests."

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