Is there any point me applying to Oxbridge?

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Many people think they wont fit in or are not good enough to thrive at Oxbridge. This attitude is wrong and I want to explain why. I wasn't the brightest person at school and thought there was no way I would get into Oxford. I also thought what is the point in applying when you only get four chances for medical schools (as apposed to 5), and medicine is crazily competitive anyway. Well I caved into pressure from my teachers and friends and applied. I thought the interviews went horribly and my BMAT score wouldn't be good enough. Somehow I got in and have loved every second at Oxford. It is a wonderfully inclusive environment and a managable workload that gives you time to all the other things you enjoy. I have thrived and are in the top quarter of my year academically which is something I never thought I could achieve. 


Give it a shot!

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is an online Uni Admissions Test -Medical School Preparation- tutor with MyTutor studying at Oxford, Hertford College University

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