How to go about choosing which Medical Schools to apply to?

Choosing the medical schools to apply to is a difficult challenge posing many dilemmas. Having been through the process myself, I have developed a series of simple questions that can help this decision making process:

1) What is my preferred learning style?

2) Do my previous and predicted grades meet the entry requirements?

3) How well prepared am I for the admissions tests? E.g. UKCAT and BMAT

4) Which interview style do I feel most comfortable with?

5) What is the applicants to offer ratio?

6) What is my budget?

7) Do I prefer a five or six year course?

8) How far from home am I willing to go?

9) Does the setting of a university bear much importance to me? E.g. Campus or City based

10) What extra-curricular activities would I like to participate in?

11) Does the global view of a university impact my decision?

The website on question 1 has provided information on problem based vs traditional learning, and has outlined the overall techniques used by each medical school in the UK.

If one carefully works through these questions, the above becomes a very good starting point. By doing so, you will form a shortlist of universities where you are most likely to be successful and happy. The process requires extensive research done through the following means:  

1) Attending open days

2) Speaking to admissions tutors

3) Seeking advice from current students

4) Studying university websites and student forums e.g.

5) Reading university guides

6)Undertaking aptitude testing to assess your own capabilities

I will elaborate upon these areas during the interview.

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2 years ago

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