What was the League of Nations?


The League of Nations was an organisation created during the Treaty of Versailles discussions and it was officially created in 1920. It was the brainchild of Woodrow Wilson who had a number of important views on the way the world could avoid bloodshed like the First World War which had recently finished. The League of Nations was made up of a number of core bodies, including: the Assembly, Council and the Secretariat; which all focussed on the running of the democratic body. Then there were two other key bodies the Permanent Court for International Justice and the International Labour Organization. There were also a number of subsequent commissions created to sort out a number of varying issues in the aftermath of World War One, such as the Disarmament Commission, Mandates Commission and also the Commission for Refugees. All had important parts to play in the repair of the world after the Great War and Wilson's hope was that the League would contribute to international peace by preventing war and solving disputes between countries through the permanent council negotiating and mediating between those in dispute. One of the main issues with the League was its membership; Woodrow Wilson who was its architect and President of the United States was never able to convince his own country to join showing a significant weakness from the start. Moreover, the main members: Britain, France, Italy, Japan had a veto over anything to be discussed by the main council; this would cause severe issues if any one member had a part to play in a dispute. Moreover, some very important nations were not permanent members, including: the United States, Soviet Union and Germany due to its status as the cause of WW1. In summary, the League of Nations was an international body created to avoid war and although it had many important and desirable visions it had some severe weaknesses from its creation.

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