How do I form the present perfect tense?


The present perfect tense is used to talk about something that has been done in the past. It is formed using the present tense conjugation of the verb haber (to have), and the past participle of the action. Conjugation of haber is as follows :Yo he // Tú has // Él Ella ha // Vosotros habéis // Nosotros hemos // Ellos/as han // For example: Ya he comprado el pan - I have already bought the bread // ¿Has visto a tu hermana? - Have you seen your sister?Elena ha escrito un libro -Elena has written a book // ¿Habéis terminado la tarea? -Have you finished the task? // Hemos limpiado toda la casa -We have cleaned the whole house // No han hecho los deberes -They have not done their homework

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