What are the possessive adjectives in French?


Possessive adjectives are adjectives that indicate to whom something belongs to. For example, in English, when you say "my house" or "his house" you use the possessive adjectives "my" or "his". If it is "my" house then it belongs to me, if it is "his" house then it belongs to him.
It works the same way in French. The French possessive adjectives are as following:MY: mon, ma, mes YOUR (singular): ton, ta, tes HIS/ HERS/ ITS: son, sa , ses OUR: notre, nosYOUR (plural): votre, vosTHEIR: leur, leurs
In French, the adjective agrees with the noun that it is paired with. For example, "my house" would be "ma maison" in French, because "maison" is feminine singular. It doesn't matter whose house it is, if there is only one house the adjective will always be feminine, singular. So if it were "his house" or "her house", both would be written as "sa maison" even though, in the first case, it is a man who owns the house, and in the second case, a woman.

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