How can I ask a closed question in French?


There are a few different way of doing this, and they vary in formality and complexity.These are 3 very easy and informal options: 1) add "n'est-ce pas ?" to the end of a declarative sentence. This is a bit like adding "isn't it?' in English - it is used when you expect the answer to be yes. For example, "ta voiture est rouge" can become " ta voiture est rouge, n'est-ce pas?". 2) similarly, you can add "est-ce que" to the start of a declarative sentence, which in English would be like saying "Is it that...?". For example, "est-ce que ta voiture est rouge?" 3) finally, a very easy way is to simply raise the pitch of your voice at the end of a sentence. In a formal setting, a better to form a question is to invert the order of the verb and the pronoun. "Tu aimes ta voiture" would become "aimes-tu ta voiture?".

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