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Choosing your A levels

Changes all round - Adapting your teen's homeschool routine

As many parents have found during lockdown, keeping a regular routine gives kids a sense of consistency and structure when they’re at home for months on end. Since schools reopened for some year groups in England and Wales though, and...

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Helping your child choose their A levels

7 months ago

When your child comes to choose their A Levels, it’s an exciting time for them a...

Choosing your A levels

Learn a new language: book your child a MyTutor language session

Why should your child learn a new language? Why is practicing a language so important?...

Choosing your A levelsEducational Advice

A-Levels: how to choose the right subjects for your future

As the gateway to your dream degree or the access point to your ideal apprenticeship, ...

A LevelChoosing your A levelsEducational Advice

Geography?! Isn’t that just colouring in?

I’m an old, old woman now, well into my fourth year at university, but when I think ...

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Physics can't be cool - or can it?

What kind of person springs to mind when I say Physics student? Most people conjure up...

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Helping your child choose their A levels

Choosing A levels is exciting for all involved, although at first it can seem daunting...

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