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1 week ago

Teen Mental Health - A Guide for Parents

Your child’s teenage years are an exciting time, but they can be tricky too. With hormones going wild and bigger pressures at school, challenging mood swings are par for the course. With mental ill-health on the rise though, you’ll want...

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Amazing women in history you need to know about

Society often celebrates famous and impressive men from throughout history; few days p...

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The goldfish effect: why social media shortens our attention span

National Centre for Biotechnology Information claimed that the average human attention...

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Shakespeare Day

William Shakespeare is not just a name on a GCSE exam paper. He is a worldwide phenome...

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Nuclear technology: what's the future?

Could you be creating future nuclear technology? You are quite literally the future. ...

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The best organiser apps to manage your study time

Technology can be one of the biggest distractions for students. However, it can be a u...

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MyTutor is a finalist in the Bett Awards 2018

We are delighted to announce that MyTutor has been shortlisted for the Bett ‘Innovat...

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Why students should care about climate change

For me, the word ‘student’ is synonymous with stress. It seems we are alw...

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AS and A level reform: what do I need to know?

If you’re at school, or your child is at school, you’ll no doubt know that AS and ...

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GCSEs are changing

You may have heard that GCSEs are changing this summer, but how are they changing? And...

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