Leson space technical help

Handy fixes to hiccoughs in the online lesson space

If you're using a wireless connection, try connecting directly to a router. Using wireless may result in ‘choppy’ video and audio, which isn't fun for anybody.

We've written some solutions to problems that pop up every now and then. Before resorting to any of these though, please try the good old-fashioned method of rebooting your PC/Mac. 

Still struggling? If you can't resolve your technial problem please contact MyTutor support. If you can include a detailed explanation of the problem we should be able to fix it even faster. (Email: support@mytutorweb.com).

If you are seeing the above image and cannot get rid of it please follow the instructions below.


1. Click the media icon in the top right hand corner

2. Change the selection from CyberLink webcam splitter to the actual webcam (this name will vary)

3. Click 'Finished'

4. Click 'Reload'


The method is very similar but you have to do this before you allow access to the media devices. Also the icon is at the top right hand corner.

1. The first thing to check is if they have already allowed access. To do this look to the media icon and see if it is orange (allowed) or grey (not-allowed).

If it is orange then get them to refresh their page (F5)

2. If it is grey they can click the icon to get the options to change the webcam.

Change the selection from CyberLink webcam splitter to the actual webcam (this name, again, will vary)

3. Click Share Selected Devices

Solutions to audio problems

  • My audio isn't working at all

    If you don't see the bar under your name light up red, please check that the microphone image at the bottom left does not have a red cross through it. If it does, please click it to toggle mute on / off. If you still are having problems then please check to make sure that your microphone/headset is plugged into your computer and correctly configured.

    If you have access to a different headset (or separate microphone and headphones) you can test those to eliminate your current headset as an issue.

    When you join the lesson space you may also need to check the devices that the browser has selected, as the pre-selected devices may not be the ones that you wish to use.

    Here are some links to help you:
    Tips for fixing common sound problems Windows
    Tutorial for configuring your headset on Windows 7

    On a Windows PC you can test in the Windows Sound Recorder (normally in start menu > programs > accessories > entertainment) - if you can record your own voice and play it back in Windows Sound Recorder then the audio should also work in the lesson space.

    If you can hear sounds from your PC in normal use but you cannot hear others in the lesson space, you may have your speakers setup for surround sound. To change it to stereo go to Start > Control Panel > Sound then click the 'Playback' tab. Right click your speakers and click 'Configure Speakers' Follow the wizard making sure that you set them to stereo and front left/right.

    Chrome for Mac users

    If you are on a Mac and using Chrome, you should restart your PC. Nine times out of ten this fixes the problem.

  • My audio breaks up

    If you hear break-ups (small gaps) in the sound, it can have one of two causes. If parts of the speech are missing, it means that the talking user's microphone volume is too low for the automatic recording threshold or the user is speaking too quietly. That user will need to increase their microphone volume (and maybe tick "mic boost" in the Windows advanced volume control).

    If no speech is lost and you simply get pauses in the sound, it means that the packets are getting delayed. Check to make sure that you are not using any applications that are using your internet bandwidth (such as file sharing apps or YouTube), and also make sure you have sufficient bandwidth (see the technical requirements). Note that the audio will get paused on Windows when you are uploading documents (using the 'Upload Document' feature) whenever any error or yes/no dialog boxes are on-screen, or when you are dragging or resizing any MyTutor windows such as the chat window. Also check to see if any other programs are using excessive cpu time on your computer (press the ctrl+alt+delete keys and bring up Task Manager on Windows, or load Activity Monitor (inside Utilities) on a Mac).

    Sometimes virus checkers and system updates can be using a lot of your computer's resources in the background without it being obvious.

    If this persists you can try and disable your video feed to free up bandwidth. To do this, select the 'off' position on the video in the bottom left corner.

    Note: A weak wireless signal can also cause this, try connecting directly to your router via an ethernet cable to see if that solves your problem.

  • I'm getting echos

    Delayed echoes are an indication that there is feedback (the speech is coming out of a user's speakers and entering their microphone). In general, if you hear a delayed echo of your own voice, it means there is feedback from the other user's microphone (i.e. their voice is coming out of their speakers and into their microphone again). This can be solved by ensuring that all users use headsets or headphones rather than speakers.

    Echoes can also be caused by an incorrectly configured Windows sound card - if you have not selected a default recording device under Windows, sometimes it will record from the headphones as well as the microphone, resulting in the other person hearing an echo. The solution is to make sure your microphone is selected as the default recording device.

    If you hear a quiet echo of your own voice and the other user is using a headset, this is a likely cause. If you hear an immediate echo (with no delay) of your own voice, it generally means that your sound card is not configured correctly and you will need to make sure that your microphone is muted in the Windows playback volume settings. Also make sure you are not logged in twice with two MyTutor lesson space open, as that will cause you to hear an echo of your own voice.

  • There are sound delays

    You should never get delays of more than one or two seconds during normal usage. If you do get large delays, it can be caused by one of two things.

    First, delays can be caused if your internet connection is dropping packets (use pingtest.net to check) or is too slow (use speedtest.net to check).

    Delays can also be caused if some other program on your computer is using excessive CPU or network resources, or if you are using the 'upload document' feature or moving/resizing a MTW window, or if an error box is on-screen - see audio breakups troubleshooting above for further details. If this persists you can try and disable your video feed to free up bandwidth. To do this, select the off position on the video in the bottom left corner.

Solutions to video problems

  • My video isn't working

    Sometimes if you have not ever had your video windows working in the lesson space, you may not have selected your webcam or, if there are multiple devices, it could be picking the wrong one.

    To fix this you can make sure that you have selected the correct webcam before you have clicked allow (this happens when you open the lesson space)

    There are delays in my video

    If you experience very large delays in seeing another user's video (more than a few seconds), it generally means that one of the users has insufficient bandwidth (usually the person sending the video). Check the technical requirements.

    If this persists and becomes distracting you can ask them to turn off the video feed. To do this, select the 'off' position on the video in the bottom left corner.

Other problems

  • Lag / missing pen strokes using a Wacom tablet on Windows

    This is a known issue with the Wacom - see here and here for solutions or you can follow the below.

    Please follow the instructions below instructions:

    1. Open the Control Panel and type "tablet" into the search field
    2. Select "Pen and Touch" settings
    From the "Pen Options" tab, select "Press and Hold" and click "Settings..."
    3. Make sure "Enable press and hold for right-clicking" is unchecked
    4. Click OK
    5. Select the "Flicks" tab
    6. Make sure that "Use flicks to perform common actions quickly and easily" is unchecked
    7. Click Apply, and OK

    If you have Windows 7 and the above does not fix your problem you can try the below.

    1. Open Control Panel
    2. Under Devices and Printers click Device Manager
    3. Open the node in the tree called Human Interface Devices
    4. Right click on Wacom Virtual Hid Driver and choose Disable

  • Error connecting to server

    This error is usually found when connecting to networks that have strict firewall rules. These could include educational networks (university / school) or public networks.

    If you are getting this error while connected to an educational network, you will need to ask them to open outgoing port TCP/IP 9175.

    If you are getting this error on a private (BT/Virgin/Sky etc.) then please check that you also have this port open in the firewall rules.

    Mac Users: Chrome

    A recent update to Chrome for Mac has caused this error for some users. If you do get this, please restart your Mac and then try again. If you still have problems, please switch to Firefox and let us know about the problem by emailing support@mytutor.co.uk

  • Uploading a document doesn't work

    Special characters are not allowed in file names. E.g. " or , or ' or ; or * etc. If you have any of these in your file, please remove them, then try to upload the file again. If you have removed any special characters and are still having problems, please email us the file with an explanation of the issue that you are having to support@mytutor.co.uk

  • Playback is not loading

    If the loading wheel turns but the playback does not load after 30 seconds, please refresh the page. You can do this using your browsers refresh button or the F5 key. If you refresh the page and it still does not load, please send an email to support@mytutor.co.uk


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