Alison (Parent)
June 30 2017

I just wanted to say a thank you for creating this site. We have been lucky with using two tutors who have been great with my two boys, Joe C in particular has been an amazing find and has been a huge support to my son this academic year. I genuinely think he would have given up on Maths if it wasn't for Joe's patience and encouragement.

Vicki (Parent)
May 20 2017

My daughter has really enjoyed the tutorials, found it comfortable to be sitting in her own environment and really liked her tutor.

Simone (Parent)
May 18 2017

I'm impressed...and I'm not easily impressed! Initially I thought it would be interesting, but wasn't really convinced of the ability of an online service to deliver to my bright, but lacking in focus and motivation 16 yr-old son. From the very first session with MyTutor it was a completely different story. The interactive classroom is quite sophisticated, and the very fact that the tutor is on screen rather than in the room made it far more suitable - after all, this generation is most at home interacting in the virtual world. I just wish that we had done this sooner.

Penny (Parent)
May 10 2017

My daughter stayed more focused and engaged than I hoped was possible - she was bouncing off the walls at the end of the session, delighted with how well it had gone and how much she felt she'd learned.

Carolyn (Parent)
May 7 2017

My daughter has really struggled with Spanish and the 2 tutorials over the weekend have given her a real boost just before the exam in a week or so's time. We live in Cornwall and sometimes it feels very remote - there are not lots of tutors for a variety of subjects round every corner because the population is small. Both tutors we used were friendly, helpful and professional.

Kristin (Parent)
April 25 2017

When your child who is despondent about their ability in a subject says immediately after their first tutorial 'Can I have another tutorial, Mum?' you know you're onto a winner. My daughter said that the time in tutorials really clarified things she'd found tricky in school lessons and gave her confidence she could achieve better in future tests. A fabulous resource - thoroughly recommended for personal attention to individual student needs.

Heather (Parent)
April 25 2017

We found MyTutor quick and easy to set up and use. You/your child get a free introductory 15 mins with the tutors you select before you commit to an hour long session so pupils can be confident that they will get along with the tutor and can plan an agreed area of study. The tutor we used was friendly, efficient and extremely knowledgable. I liked the fact that, as a parent, you can let your child take the lead in finding a tutor and booking the sessions but you are kept informed of all communications and bookings along the way. I felt it was a valuable experience for my daughter to take the initiative.

Beth (Parent)
August 30 2016

Lucy's tutor taught her more in 2 sessions than she learned in a year at school! Marvellous tutors all round. Helped Lucy that they were near her own age and had 'been through it'!

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