Beth (Parent)
August 30 2016

Lucy's tutor taught her more in 2 sessions than she learned in a year at school! Marvellous tutors all round. Helped Lucy that they were near her own age and had 'been through it'!

Natasha (Parent)
August 28 2016

Having a peer mentor made a huge difference to my daughter, built her confidence and motivated her and gave her the tools and belief that she could do it. And she did! Off to uni in September, thank you!

Robin (parent)
August 28 2016

Happy with the service and the way the tutorials work, we found it hard getting extra help locally and MyTutor solved the problem - we found a tutor within a couple of days. Oli's grades improved from a D to a B in maths which was fantastic.

Barry (Parent)
August 27 2016

It's a great idea and it works. Allowing my son to meet a few tutors and choose his own really helped - he now books sessions himself. The interaction is great and Emily has helped him a lot.

Emily (student)
August 25 2016

My Tutor saved my bacon! I had a tiny problem with the camera in the lesson space, but other than that it really worked. I got the highest mark in the unit I wasn't even supposed to do that well in!

Sherilyn (parent)
June 28 2016

This is definitely an excellent resource. Both my daughter and son used it, the tutors were excellent and best of all it could be done in your own home. No travelling which was so helpful when everyone is so busy and finding a time that a normal tutor ( if you could find one locally) could fit you in was a nightmare. I also needed help with the tech side and the technician was amazing too, very patient and guided me through step by step all the different tests to ensure things would work properly. I cannot recommend this highly enough. (Review initially published on Facebook)

Julie (Parent)
June 24 2016

I just wanted to say a big thank you to my tutor web for finding us an excellent tutor in James! I really couldn't praise him enough! He's such a pleasant , genuinely nice young man with amazing teaching skills who made Chemistry manageable for my boys. I honestly could not recommend him highly enough & he was such a positive influence on my sons Thanks very much!

Ying (Parent)
June 18 2016

We want to say Thank you so much for all your help and support!! it has been almost two years sine we joined MyTutorWeb and thanks to all your staffs who always be there for us, also Thanks to the tutors particularly to Tom. P for his commitment, he is an out standing tutor!

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