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Meet the tutors

Groups are led by our friendly tutors. They’re all from UK unis and have top grades at GCSE and A-Level. They use their recent experience to help their students get the best grades and manage those pre-exam nerves too.

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Mosahidur R.

Master of Physics in Theoretical Physics (Integrated Masters)

York University

1310 completed lessons

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Isobel P.

Medical Engineering (Integrated Masters)


614 completed lessons

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Shams A.

Neuroscience (Bachelors)

Kings College London

636 completed lessons

Recommended by parents and students

"The biology exam prep one was excellent - covered loads, really useful and Ishali was a great tutor."

Nikki D.


"Great, and very knowledgeable tutors who were able to explain the topics clearly. My son has come away with a much greater understanding of the topics which he wasn’t able to achieve at school."

Krissie P.


"This course really helped fill some important gaps and has given him the confidence to revise the subject matter, with a full understanding of how to work out complex math problems."

Clare T.


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