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Raising Attainment at Harris Boys Academy, East Dulwich

MyTutor works with Harris Dulwich to provide tuition for Pupil Premium students in need of intervention. The school runs Online Lessons in Maths for 20 foundation and higher tier pupils after school every week, and they have observed marked changes in students’ confidence and attitude in class.

Fabian Leonard, Director of Mathematics at Harris Boys Academy

What made you decide to start using MyTutor?

MyTutor got in touch with us, and we noticed that the cost of their services was about half of the price of getting tutors into school. The main thing we struggle with here is encouraging the boy to lead their own learning – I knew that tutoring would have a massive impact on the boys here because they have to engage with their tutor online. The key for me was being able to double up on individualising the support we were giving, while also developing the skills they need to be able to revise and lead their own learning, which we struggle to do through our general intervention programme.

One-to-one tuition has lead to increased confidence and engagement for Year 11 pupils at Harris Boys School

How have you found engagement with the programme?

Engagement with the programme has been extremely good. Week by week we’ve had very good engagement in terms of attendance, and once the boys are logged on, all their reservations go out the window because they want to do well, they want to learn, they want to make progress. A lot of the boys have surprised me with their maturity and focus.

What kind of impact have you seen in class?

I’ve seen impact in class in terms of change in their learning style and the skills that they’re using. Two of my students were the quietest students in the class before they started MyTutor, and these boys are always now positively contributing and answering questions. They’ll answer questions even if they get it wrong, which is excellent!

“The students are now getting that individualised feedback and support, which has definitely made them more in tune with what they need to work on.”

Have you noticed much variation in students’ response to tuition?

Different students get different things out of MyTutor. Boys on foundation tier need to work on exam technique because their problem is they don’t understand the question, and their tutors help with this by teaching them how to break down the questions.

The higher boys have been using this experience to focus in on specific areas and topics which they need help with, whereas for the foundation boys their engagement is more building up their confidence to help them tackle the questions.

Written by - Alice Farrell

Alice is part of the schools’ team, supporting tutors and helping give students better access to one-to-one tuition.

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