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Driving engagement at Hayes School

Hayes School has been working with MyTutor since September 2017 to provide maths tuition for over 80 of their GCSE students, with the aim of enhancing their confidence and engagement in class. We travelled to Bromley to find out more about the impact that tuition is having on Hayes pupils in the lead up to their GCSEs.

Will Wassell, maths teacher

What type of students do you try to target with MyTutor?

With MyTutor we look at year 11s who are in their exam year and would particularly benefit from additional support around their revision and around their homework. It’s part of a larger push within the school to support those students and boost their confidence.

How have the students reacted to learning from tutors who are at university?

We’ve found that students interact very differently with people their own age - it’s a different relationship. They feel better able to ask questions, and they don’t feel that they’re going to be judged.

Did the students have any reservations before beginning MyTutor?

Initially, the students’ main concern was that they were nervous about speaking to a stranger. A big outcome of the tuition has been the confidence that students have gained by finding out that they can talk over a digital platform like this with a stranger and converse really comfortably and easily with them. That’s been a huge social benefit for a lot of the students.

What do students get from MyTutor that they don’t get elsewhere in their education?

Students really value having an hour-long session that’s very focused. Our students don’t get structured revision time within the school day at any other time, but MyTutor allows students to get one hour a week of really focused, effective revision time. They get a really rich variety of topics and questions within the sessions which they wouldn't get elsewhere.

I think the benefit that they take from it is having the confidence to ask questions, as they’re the kind of students who are less confident about asking questions. The other real benefit is pre-learning or having some understanding of the topic before starting lessons. When those students come into class having had a set of sessions on a topic, they just feel a lot more confident.

Ashleigh, year 11 student

What type of topics have you gone over with your tutor?

We’ve gone through simultaneous equations, double brackets, quadratic formulas, and fractions.

What do you like about MyTutor?

It helps confirm what I’ve done in lessons, so if I have a lesson the day before I have MyTutor, I go over the topic to make it make more sense. I like it because I can prepare for my lessons so it makes it easier in the lesson to learn the subject.

How are you using it to prepare for your exams?

I’m going over topics that I don’t already know or that I’m not so confident on to make it easier when it does come to the exam.

What’s your tutor like?

She is really nice - she goes through problems step by step rather than rushing through it and makes sure understand it before we go onto a new questions, so if I’m not too sure on a certain part she’ll make sure I understand.

Molly, year 11 student

What do you do with your tutor in your maths tutorials?

We’ve been doing circle theorems and been going through interior and exterior angles. So things that I’ve been finding quite complicated or that I haven’t really gone through as much.

What does tutoring helps you with?

Tutoring helps me with being more confident in certain topic areas. Even if I know it, just going over it to make sure if it came up I would know it there and wouldn’t have to think about it much

What get from tuition which you don’t get in class?

With the tutoring you get the full attention to yourself which you wouldn’t get in a class of 30 students. Obviously the teacher has to go round to everyone whereas if you’re doing the tutoring then they’re just working with you personally.

Written by - Alice Farrell

Alice is part of the schools’ team, supporting tutors and helping give students better access to one-to-one tuition.

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