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How MyTutor Helps Build Confidence at Langley School

MyTutor has been working with Langley School since October 2016, and has provided over 150 hours of Maths tuition. Since starting, the school has seen rapid improvement in the academic attainment and confidence of their students. We travelled to Solihulli to hear from teachers and students at the school about how MyTutor is helping them to reach their potential.

Clare Thorpe, Pupil Premium Coordinator at Langley School

What did you expect when you started with MyTutor?

We were quite nervous about how the students were going to react to it and all the practicalities, but once we started we actually found it really easy.
At first the students found it very strange to be in a tuition session with someone over a computer, but within minutes they relaxed and got into it.

What do students get from one-to-one tuition that they don’t get in an classroom setting?

One-to-one tuition give students the chance to develop confidence and to ask questions that they wouldn’t feel comfortable or safe enough to ask in an classroom setting. For some of our least confident students who have potentially missed some learning earlier on in their school career it can really give them the opportunity to address that and make rapid progress.

“One-to-one tuition gives students the chance to develop confidence and ask questions that they wouldn’t feel comfortable or safe enough to ask in an classroom setting”

What changes have you noticed since your students started learning with MyTutor?

From what we’ve noticed, from assessment data and from what students have said, as a consequence of having tuition, students are more confident in class and have developed their skills, especially in Maths which is what we’re focusing on here. The impact of tuition is immediate in terms of confidence – so after one or two sessions students develop confidence. I would say that within six weeks students are starting to develop and embed progress.

Was MyTutor easy to set up?

In terms of setting up, all I did was identify the students, send them off to the company, and MyTutor arranged the rest for us. It has been really straightforward; we’ve experienced very few difficulties and it has been a very low admin task in order to get this provision to students. Sometimes it can be quite cumbersome organising intervention but it hasn’t been like that with MyTutor.

Tom, Year 10 student at Langley School

What did you think when you had your first session with MyTutor?

It was quite weird at first, but you get used to it as you go along, and now I really enjoy learning with my tutor every week.

What areas has your tutor helped you with?

It’s helped me with a lot – it’s helped me with decimal places, fractions and long multiplication. I’ve learned how to do my timetables properly, and I couldn’t do any before.

How has it changed how you feel in your normal Maths lessons?

My Maths lessons seem to be easier because I understand the work. My tutor builds my confidence up – if I get something wrong, she tells me where I went wrong and how to do it better. She’s a really big help to me.

Written by - Alice Farrell

Alice is part of the schools’ team, supporting tutors and helping give students better access to one-to-one tuition.

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