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We catch up with Romy on how tutoring benefits students

Romy is in her third year studying Chemistry at University College, London. She helps to fund her studies by tutoring with MyTutor in her spare time. We met her to discuss the benefits that tutoring gives to students.

Why did you choose to study Chemistry?

I chose Chemistry because I find the subject really interesting, and it’s also a field that keeps changing so you learn new things all the time.

What do you enjoy doing outside of your degree?

I do photography, I quite like doing landscape photography. I also collect vintage Hi-Fi equipments like turntables.

Why did you sign up to MyTutor?

I signed up to MyTutor because I was interested in getting teaching experience, and I found that tutoring was a really good way of getting experience whilst fitting alongside my studies. My working hours are quite unusual, so I needed a work schedule which was flexible.

Can you tell me about a student who particularly stands out in your memory?

A student who stands out in my memory is Nafisa - we were working on redox equations for about three weeks and this is a topic that’s really quite complicated and is worth quite a few marks in the exams, and we were both getting a bit frustrated because it was just not going in, but eventually it clicked and she was able to answer the question with no help which was fantastic.

In what ways do you think that tutoring can help or benefit students?

Tutoring helps students gain confidence in the subject as well as being able to apply their knowledge to exam questions. There’s sometimes a deficit between what you learn in an lesson and what is actually in the exams, and students need to nail the technique in order to do well.

Do your students talk to you about university much?

Over the summer I worked for the Birmingham university access project with MyTutor, where I helped disadvantaged students get the A Level grades they needed to get to university.

Many of my students asked for practical advice on UCAS applications and things like that, but they also asked about how it was meeting new people and managing the workload. I was able to help them understand that university isn’t as intimidating as you think it is, and it’s something that everyone can manage. It seemed that my students were reassured by this and became more confident about the idea of going to university.

Written by - Alice Farrell

Alice is part of the schools’ team, supporting tutors and helping give students better access to one-to-one tuition.

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