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Zahra explains how she helps her students to enjoy learning

Zahra received tuition with MyTutor when she was at school, before going to on study French and Spanish at Trinity College, Cambridge. When she started university, she decided that she wanted to become a tutor herself, and since then has delivered nearly 300 hours of tuition.

We caught up with her to hear about how she uses tutoring to share her love of languages with her students.

Why did you choose to study French and Spanish?

I chose to study French and Spanish because I enjoy communicating with lots of different types of people, and I’m really looking forward to the year abroad that I have coming up next year.

What kind of things do you enjoy doing outside of your degree?

Outside of my degree I take part in a few different societies - I’m currently working with Student Minds Cambridge and I’m also the BME (ethnic minorities) officer in my college student union.

Why did you sign up for MyTutor?

I received tuition in Italian with MyTutor when I was at school, and I was really encouraged and enjoyed my interactive lessons and the personable approach that the tutor had. I was keen to sign up for the same reasons and offer the same help once I was a university student myself.

What do you think are the main challenges that you help schools pupils with?

I think in a lot of cases the schools students require just a little bit of help in terms of getting their motivation and confidence back. A lot of the times they find they might not get the attention they want in Online Lessons, so they really do enjoy having one person who says ‘I’m here for you and I’m here for you to learn in the best way possible’.

Eventually it gets to the point where they feel comfortable asking for me to go over specific topics, which is kind of the best point to be at because you know they’re comfortable with you and that you’re working in the way that works for them as well.

What benefits do you think students get from tutoring which they don’t get from traditional classroom teaching?

When you have an lesson that’s entirely tailored to you, you can allow yourself to enjoy the subject a little bit more and create even a personal rapport with the tutor.

Tell me about a student who stands out in your memory

Last year I had Julia, who I was tutoring in the lead up to her French GCSE exam, and she wasn’t super keen on French at the start and made it clear that it wasn’t her favourite subject. I saw a huge difference in her confidence and her approach to the subject when she realised that she had a resource in MyTutor that would essentially allow her to tailor French lessons as she wanted to.

Written by - Alice Farrell

Alice is part of the schools’ team, supporting tutors and helping give students better access to one-to-one tuition.

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