How reformed GCSEs are affecting Progress 8

Posted 1st October 2018 by Richard Angus

Progress 8 gap for pupil premium students

The Progress 8 gap for pupil premium students and their peers has widened in 2018, according to a study by researchers.

After closing for three consecutive years, the Progress 8 gap for Pupil Premium students increased by 0.12. That’s the equivalent of achieving a whole grade lower in one subject.

The study, from FFT Education Datalab, used a representative sample of 1,670 schools. They looked at the difference in Progress 8 scores overall, as well as in English, maths & EBacc subjects.

They found that in each of these areas, the gap had grown significantly compared with previous years.

The net effect is a difference of 1.2 in overall Attainment 8, or about one grade lower in a subject.

The study claimed that English & maths results were a little ‘surprising’, given that this is the second year of 9-1 format exams. They conclude it’s likely that the new format has made it tougher to improve Pupil Premium outcomes.

In EBacc and other subjects, the report concludes that “we are seeing a widening in the gap as a consequence of the change to reformed GCSEs”.

You can read the whole report here.

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Written by - Richard Angus

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