How to prevent “summer learning loss” – webinar recording

We recently ran a webinar in partnership with Opogo and Jo Lane on “How to prevent students from falling behind over the summer”. Missed the webinar? No problem. Watch the webinar recording.

About the webinar

Students who have experienced summer learning loss consistently across their early school years can be on average, 2 years behind their peers and two-thirds of the income-based achievement gap is attributed to summer learning loss. When only 48% of parents have heard of the ‘summer slide’ and only 38% of lower-income parents have heard of it, it’s important that as educators we can give parents and students the tools they need to get back up to speed over the summer break.

Watch the webinar recording

Watch the webinar to hear about interventions, tips and tricks needed to tackle the issue.

You can also download the webinar slides to share with your colleagues.


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