How to plan for a restful (and enjoyable) summer holiday

Is there such a thing as a restful summer holiday?

Thanks to Jo Loucas, AimHigher Coordinator, St Michael’s C of E High School for the following article

This may seem close to impossible, and nowhere near in sight whilst in the thick of exam season. A much needed holiday can seem miles away, especially after the exams are over and work doesn’t come to a stop as we might want (or need) it to. For all the incredible work you have put in to this year it is vital that you have a relaxing and fulfilling summer break.

Looking Forward

To get you through the last few weeks of term make sure you have something to look forward to for the start of summer. You could have an exotic holiday booked in which you are counting down the days for, or a UK getaway to give you that change of scenery you are longing, or perhaps you don’t have a holiday booked at all this summer but you can book that fancy restaurant you have wanted to try for months. Either way have something in the diary that gives you that last push to get you through to the end.

Why Wait

Make sure you treat yourself right away. Don’t wait till the end of the summer holidays to go away or to have that something you have been looking forward to. After all that hard work you need to relax ASAP! Don’t make my mistake of taking a trip to paradise at the very end of the summer. I had already had four weeks to relax so didn’t have that satisfying feeling and exhale on arrival that I would have if I had gone at the start of the holidays. So don’t wait to go away, even if it’s for a weekend somewhere not too far away, just make sure to start off your summer right.

Plan to Plan

It would be great to not have anything to do for six weeks, but we are teachers… things like that don’t happen. Try to get as much done in the last weeks so that you bring hardly any work home with you at the end of term, it will be hard work but so worth it!

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If you do need to get any work or planning done during the summer holidays do not leave it till last minute. I’m not saying to get all your work done in the first week (although, knowing me, I probably will), but definitely don’t leave it till the last! If you are sat on your computer right before you go back to work, you won’t feel like you have had your full summer break. Get it out the way with as best as you can, or write plans and to do lists in your diary for specific days throughout the holidays. Be sure to dedicate one of those days to the highlight of any teachers’ year…stationary shopping! (Or is that just me!)

Doing Nothing Well

Be sure to find time to switch off. With our freedom we can often act like a kid in a candy shop and want to do as much as possible during our time off, but give yourself time to recuperate from all the hard work this year. I have already assigned the first day off in the holidays to sleeping in, binging Netflix in my PJ’s and not budging from the sofa. Enjoy the rest, turn off that alarm clock and get to work on that sofa imprint of yourself!

Be You

Make sure you do what makes you happy! Get back into a hobby, spend time with the family and see friends (that aren’t teachers!). These six weeks give you time to be you again, not that cranky teacher that is always busy. So throw yourself into a book, dust off those running trainers, perfect that golf swing or simply have a drink with friends. Whatever you do over your six weeks, be sure to make it full of memories, happiness and laughter!

Have an incredible and well deserved six weeks’ holiday everyone!

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Joanna Loucas is in her third year of teaching, although she is drama trained, her career has been within mathematics at St Michael’s C of E High School. She currently holds the positions of High Prior Attainer Coordinator and AimHigher Coordinator, which focuses upon developing students aspirations and attainment as part of a whole school agenda.

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