Boosting confidence at scale at Clacton Coastal Academy

Case study from Richard Kerr, Study Hub Coordinator, Clacton Coastal Academy (AET)

clacton coastal

MyTutor has provided one-to-one support to over 60 Year 11 students at Clacton Coastal Academy in the run up to exams this year. As our tuition programmes are online, we’ve been able to support a large number of students across the core subjects without causing disruption to day-to-day schedules.

How are you running the programme in your school?

“At our school, students are given a certain number of hours for us to fit their interventions in. I run the school study hub, and they will have some of that intervention time spent here, usually working independently under my direction for revision or coursework catch up. So students at the study hub are normally working independently. But some students don’t find independent working easy.

MyTutor sessions have slotted conveniently into their independent working time. Students are finding the personalised, tailored MyTutor sessions more useful and more enjoyable than sitting there trying to work things out on their own.”

clacton coastal

What has the feedback from students and staff been like?

“Feedback from the students has been really positive. They seem to build a rapport with their tutors really quickly and are growing in confidence.”

Alfie, Year 11 student

“The sessions I’ve had with my tutor so far have helped me a lot. I like being able to have one-to-one support on things I feel I need to improve on.”

Abbie, Year 11 student

“In my opinion, MyTutor is an amazing company. The programme has really helped me in my studies. I have a stronger, cemented knowledge of the subject and a lot more confidence when speaking in lessons. In the sessions, I feel comfortable to make mistakes and learn from them.”

“I’ve had two or three members of staff come to me after the sessions have been running and they’ve all been very impressed. One member of staff was begging for me to add more students, especially those in Year 10 once our Year 11s have left. The students themselves are asking to be put onto the programme, which is great. Even those that haven’t been that keen, have been engaged.”

What’s the impact been on student confidence?

“On the whole, the students’ confidence has definitely grown over the course of the programme so far. They seem much more willing to engage than at first and appear a lot happier. For those that are really engaged, you can see that their confidence is growing; I can hear it in their voices when they are answering the questions or when discussing things. I’ve been really impressed and pleased with how it’s gone so far.”

How did you find setting up the programme?

“Set up was very simple. Kat, our Account Manager, was great when she came in for the first day of the programme as she helped to get us up and running. The ongoing technical glitches are very few and far between. When I contact MyTutor for help, they are all very quick to sort everything out. So I’ve been really impressed with that too. I’m really happy with the service.”

What’s next for your MyTutor programme?

“I’m really looking forward to introducing Year 10s to the programme early on. It means they will have plenty of time to get used to the system and how it works so they will be better prepared ahead of exams next year.”

clacton coastal

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