The School Staffroom Biscuit League

In staff rooms from Plymouth to Orkney, breaktime equals biscuit time. But which do teachers love most?

In a survey of over 500 UK teachers, biscuits were ranked on dunkability, crunch, flavour and texture. The results are in, and our chart both starts and ends with Hobnobs. Do you agree with the winners, or do these results take the biscuit?

The Champion: Chocolate Hobnob

This winning biscuit has everything. Oaty richness, deep golden syrup and a thick layer of milk chocolate on top. It melts in the mouth. You love it. It loves you back.

2. Kit Kat

Closely following the winner with a 96% success rate, this one breaks the boundaries of what we define as “biscuit” and “chocolate bar”. Well, it’s a biscuity chocolate bar.

3. Club Bar

91% popularity. This biscuity beast pushes further when a Kit Kat stops. A chunk of biscuit cloaked in a layer of milky chocolate. Texture, crunch, flavour – it’s all there.

4. Chocolate finger

Lagging behind with 83% voter approval. These are best consumed in portions of six to ten.

5. Caramel wafer

A fine export from Scotland with 79% popularity, and it’s not for the mild-mannered. You have to open your mouth wide to get a bite of this chewy, chocolatey treat.

6. Choc chip cookie

77% success, and it’s technically not even a biscuit. A tasty, crunchy treat from across the pond.

7. Choco Leibniz

Add continental sophistication to your tea break with this rectangular beauty. If you prefer to tip the balance of biscuit vs. chocolate, this is the snack for you. 75% voter approval – and best consumed when dunked for 1-2 seconds.

8. Chocolate Digestive

68% popularity. A timeless classic that’s sustained teachers through the ages. Deep wholemeal flavour. Strong dunkability.

9. Viennese Whirl

With 67% success (narrowly missing out on 8th position), this beauty stands out from the crowd. It’s sculptural, it’s crumbly; it’s a swirly, melt-in-your-mouth cloud of joy.

10. Penguin

66% approval. If this is your top choice, it might match some of your pupils’ lunchboxes.

11. Jaffa Cake

63% of our voters are happy to consume this strange invention. Is it a cake? Is it a biscuit? No-one knows. It IS a handy classroom aid to teach your pupils about lunar cycles – full moon, half moon… total eclipse.

12. Shortbread

Another popular Scottish classic that never goes out of style, with 53% popularity. This buttery beast is here to stay. And it’s a shapeshifter – rectangle one day, a stunning circle the next.

13. Hobnob

You might feel sorry for the regular Hobnob for landing so much further down the list than its chocolate companion, with only 51% approval. Sorry Hobnob, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

When we’re not conducting important biscuit-related research, we’re supporting GCSE and A Level pupils with one-to-one online tuition that helps them hit their target grades. This year, pupils who worked with us increased their GCSE attainment by 1 whole grade in their chosen subject, vs. their mock exams – 2.5x the progress of their peers.

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