What teachers want for Christmas, unwrapped!

As the nation headed to the polls to decide on the next PM, we set up our own, much more festive, poll to ask over 3,000 teachers about their dream Christmas wishes this year. With options ranging from the modest to the overblown, here’s what teachers would love to find glistening under the tree this year…

#10: Bottomless free tea and coffee in the staffroom, forever (3%)

With a slim slice of the vote, it seems a handful of teachers would love to see unlimited beverages in the staffroom – but caffeine fixes remain a relatively low priority. If you’d like to find out which sweet treat is teachers’ preferred snack to dunk into a cup of tea, take a look at our staffroom biscuit rankings.

#9: More engagement from your pupils’ parents (9%)

Getting active involvement from parents is a common challenge, so it’s no surprise that almost 1 in 10 teachers included ‘more parental engagement’ in their top three wishes. For tips on getting parent buy-in for interventions, read our blog on boosting parental engagement.

#8: Better tech or resources for your classrooms (11%)

We’ve come a long way since the days of chalk boards and OHPs, but teachers are still crying out for better classroom technology and resources. Of those who chose this option, Arts teachers (including D&T) were the most vocal (24%), compared to 9% for English and Maths teachers.

#7: A promotion (16%)

A sizeable chunk of our respondents are looking to step up their careers in 2020, with age being an influential factor. Unsurprisingly, teachers in their 20s are the most keen to climb the ladder (21%), dropping to 18% for those in their 30s, and 14% and 8% respectively, for more senior teachers in their 40s and 50s.

#6: No seismic changes to education from the next government (19%)

Party politics aside, it looks like lots of teachers are hoping for stability in education from the next government – especially in the wake of big shake-ups like tougher exams and the new grading system. This was among the top three wishes for 44% of Headteachers, compared to 29% for other SLT and just 16% for classroom teachers.

#5: An extra 6 weeks of summer holiday (22%)

Alice Cooper sums up teachers’ feelings here:

#4: Less time spent on admin next year (26%)

According to the National Education Union’s 2018 workload survey, over a third of teachers spend more than 16 hours at home each week working on admin. This is something that teachers at all stages of their careers would like to see cut down – with 26% hoping Santa will bring them less paperwork in 2020.

#3-2: Perfect behaviour from all your students for a whole year AND brilliant grades for your GCSE/ALevel students next summer (53%)

Coming in at joint second place, teachers’ top wishes revolve around their pupils: with 53% saying that they’d love universally angelic behaviour from their students for a year, and the same proportion hoping for pupils to hit their target grades next August.

Interestingly though, only 40% of Headteachers wished for perfect behaviour, compared to 61% of classroom teachers. Similarly, 56% of SLT hoped for stellar grades, compared to 32% of Heads.

#1: To win the lottery (56%)

And finally, crowning the top of the list: the most popular wish across all our surveyed teachers was to win the lottery. Here’s hoping Father Christmas brings some lucky numbers down the chimney this year!

We hope you have a fantastic Christmas break! If you’re interested in extra one-to-one tuition support for January to help struggling pupils hit their grades this year, get in touch. You can book a convenient time to speak to our team here

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