Sponsored Programme Spotlight: Gravis Capital

Each year, we collaborate with businesses to run a select number of sponsored programmes for schools, designed to improve life opportunities for young people in some of the most deprived areas of the UK.

This year, we worked with our generous sponsors Gravis Capital – an award-winning London infrastructure investment firm – to deliver online one-to-one tuition for disadvantaged pupils at two inspiring schools in South London: Ark Walworth Academy and Ark All Saints Academy.

The impact

Across the two schools, 100 pupils were enrolled in the programme, with a focus on Maths and Science. The students selected to take part were those from less-privileged backgrounds, receiving free school meals, who were showing some signs of becoming disengaged from learning.

We found that, after a term of tuition, pupils made 0.5 grades of progress between their mocks and final GCSE exams, on average – 2.5x the progress of those who weren’t tutored. A pupil survey also found that, following the programme:

  • 75% felt more confident in their subject
  • 70% saw large improvements in their schoolwork
  • 60% saw subject enjoyment grow significantly

The school’s perspective

We spoke to Vice Principal Katy Episcopo and Y11 Director of Progress at Walworth Academy to get their perspectives on the programme:

“Online tuition with MyTutor has enabled our students to maximise their full potential. They now have a greater level of confidence and self-esteem, as well as better subject knowledge – all of which have aided their abilities in class. The one-to-one support and guidance has been really beneficial, and both the students and their families have been equally appreciative.”

David Dockery, Y11 Director of Progress, Walworth Academy

“MyTutor has been really valuable for our students. The tutors addressed students’ learning gaps through effective explanation and high quality questioning. But even more importantly, the pupils have developed greater confidence as a result of the tailored, individual support.”

Katy Episcopo, Vice Principal, Walworth Academy

Gravis’ perspective

“We were incredibly pleased to be able to support the Ark Walworth and Ark All Saints Academies this year through our sponsored programme with MyTutor.”

“At Gravis we put money into long-term projects that often have a social and human angle, so the aims of the MyTutor programme, in empowering disadvantaged pupils to hit their target grades and achieve their potential, were well aligned with our values. It was truly rewarding to see the students make increased progress and build their confidence as a result of the tuition.”

At MyTutor, we’re now seeking partners for our 2020 Schools sponsored GCSE and A-Level tuition programmes, which help disadvantaged pupils to hit their target grades and unlock better future career opportunities.

Our programmes offer a fantastic way for businesses and CSR teams to achieve their education goals and make a real difference in their local communities. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch by emailing James Grant via james@mytutor.co.uk or giving us a call on 0203 773 6025.

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