Growing confidence and self-esteem at Norton Hill School

This year, we worked with Norton Hill School on a GCSE tutoring programme for Maths, English and Science, focused on children with a range of different needs. Here’s what Assistant Headteacher Tanya Gibbs had to say about the programme, which saw 15 students receive 250 one-to-one lessons.

The challenge

“We had several different cohorts that we used MyTutor for, focusing on core subjects. We used it for some of our SEN children, who needed a booster in Maths and English. We also used it with children in Year 10 and 11, who struggle with accessing school because of their mental health – students with quite high anxiety and poor self-esteem, who really struggle with the 6-hour day in school. Lastly, we’ve used it with our looked-after children, as an academic intervention for Science.”

The programme

“From an engagement point of view, the MyTutor programme worked really well, because our students found it quite exciting to be chatting with someone behind a screen – particularly with it being someone external that they had no previous relationship with.” 

“For students with anxiety working from home, we used the 9am morning slot to provide some structure and get them engaged with learning. Then, after their MyTutor session, they were ready to come into school.

” It broke up their day, reduced their hours, and meant they were still covering core content. From a self-esteem perspective, it actually made this group then engage in school a little bit better.”

“Next year, we’re looking at increasing the cohort in our mental health bubble; those with poor confidence and self-esteem. We plan to use afternoon and morning sessions to reduce the level of stress on those students, and to keep them engaged in learning, rather than them simply going home.”

The impact

“We’ve found that MyTutor has been particularly effective for Science, with our looked-after cohort. We had some brilliant Science tutors that the students absolutely adored and loved working with – and those students have gone up from Level 2s and 3s to 4s and 5s, which is exactly the outcome we hoped for.”

“Two of my students in particular, who have sometimes struggled with motivation in the past, had a tutor called Solomon for Science, and they made excellent progress because they’ve just been so engaged with him. He was really good at communicating and explaining ideas – and I’ve actually asked if we can have him again next year to deliver more Science! That’s been a particular success story for us, and is a testament to the quality of the tutors that MyTutor has on board.”

The experience

“The programme setup process was really straightforward, and I was really impressed by the level of support provided by MyTutor during lockdown. Within three days of us closing the school in March, a team member got in touch to ask whether we wanted to transfer the programme from Year 11 to some of our lower school students – and that was sorted within a week.”

“For students with EHCPs, we found that MyTutor was actually much cheaper than hiring a one-to-one TA – and it was better, too, because it meant that students received subject specialist delivery of lessons. So for us, that was a massive plus.”

“Overall, I’d say that MyTutor is fantastic value for money, with brilliant knowledge from all tutors, and amazing communication from the team.”

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