Nurturing independent learners at Weston Favell Academy

Case study from Lee Berrill, Raising Standards Lead, Weston Favell Academy.

The challenge

“Our vision for the programme has been, on the whole, to support our pupil premium students, as we feel that’s the moral and ethical thing to do. However, once we’ve exhausted our pupil premium list, we then switch over to our HAPs (high-achieving pupils) – and often we’ll look for pupil premium students that have HAP status, or might have LAC or SEN status as well.”

The programme

“Because we employ a number of English and Maths physical one-to-one tutors within school, through MyTutor we offer our students the opportunity to access Science, Chemistry, Biology or Physics tuition, as well as some French, Geography and History.”

“To boost engagement with the sessions, I touch base with students beforehand, and we’ll review the tutor notes from the week before, so I can provide a ‘what went well’ and an ‘even better if’, to remind them what to focus on in the session. Once the session is finished, I catch up with them afterwards to ask some open-ended questions and get a feel for how it’s going.”

“This is our third year of running MyTutor programmes, and this year’s cohort seem to be enjoying it a lot – possibly especially due to the stresses of COVID and lockdown.”

The impact

“We’re seeing some fantastic results through MyTutor. Most students that come through the programme develop their self-confidence and self-esteem, become more independent, and their grades improve.”

“An impact study we carried out indicates that students taking part are achieving at least 1 grade higher than the rest of the cohort – so we’re definitely seeing an impact.”

“Overall, I would say it’s a fantastic opportunity for young people to develop their self-confidence, independent learning skills, and academic performance.”

The experience 

“I’ve been impressed with MyTutor’s level of customer service and the response when I’ve called. Most of the time, it’s a rapid, very helpful response – and on occasions when your tech team have the impression that the tutor’s tech falls short of expectations, they’re very quick to resolve the issue or to withdraw the tutor and put a replacement tutor in. It’s been brilliant.”

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