Supporting lockdown learning at Tamworth Enterprise College

Case study from Clare Carpenter, Director of KS4, Tamworth Enterprise College.

The challenge

“We’ve been running two programmes with MyTutor this year. For our Year 11s, the focus has been on Maths and English, for two particular groups: firstly the high-achievers, who wanted to be assisted to go to the next level and potentially be chasing the 9s at GCSE, and secondly those students who were on the 4-5 borderline, who needed to really try and consolidate their learning to ensure they could get over that threshold.”

“The other programme has been for our Year 10s. Because they’re quite a small year group, we managed to secure MyTutor for the whole year group (except for a few who didn’t engage) during the lockdown period between February and May for six weeks. So that meant we had 50 out of 92 students with really good attendance – this enabled us to get the funding to keep those 50 students on the programme all the way through, which has been brilliant.”

The programme

“The majority of students on the programme have really enjoyed it and have shown quite good commitment. School finishes at 3, so they would have their MyTutor sessions from 3-4, taking place in a computer room.”

“Those that really got into it were literally racing down, grabbing their headphones, and whacking them on!”

“There was one particular boy who’s a really high achieving student, and was really chasing 9s, to the point where – even when he was told that the exams wouldn’t be happening – he continued with MyTutor for four weeks, doing A-Level work so that he felt better about his knowledge in September and going forward. That shows an incredible level of commitment, drive and motivation. We weren’t going to stop him!”

The impact

“With lockdown happening in March, it was difficult for us to assess and measure grade improvement for our Year 11s. But I think, looking at general success and confidence levels, I would say that we’ve seen a massive improvement over the last 12 months.”

“In particular, I’m really pleased with how the programme has gone with Year 10, because they’re a weaker year group in terms of academic ability and they really need the support.”

“Some of our Year 10 boys have got quite significant SEN needs, and they have absolutely loved it, and the confidence that it’s given them – from having that regular feedback from a familiar face – has been incredible.”

“I think, for some of them, during the lockdown period, their regular MyTutor sessions have been all they’ve done, in terms of schoolwork – because they consider that to be their minimum commitment. But in some cases that’s more work than they were doing before; so it’s been hugely beneficial in that respect to keep them ticking over.”

“Because of all of this, I would 100% recommend MyTutor to other schools, and it’s something that I will always try my best to ensure our students continue to have. Being on the programme means students get to have regular contact with someone who’s normally not that much older than them, but is in a position where they can consolidate the student’s learning, make them feel more confident, and be really bespoke in what they’re doing with the student.”

“I think on all counts, there’s no negative to doing it at all – it’s highly positive and something that’s certainly a great addition to what we’re offering our students in our school.”

The experience

“Overall, running the programme was very straightforward. I really like the fact that you can log into the system and get feedback for every student, for every session that they take.”

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