Everything you need to know about the School-Led Tutoring grant

The Department for Education has recently published guidance for its £579 million school-led tutoring grant. School-Led Tutoring joins the National Tutoring Programme and the Academic Mentoring Programme as the latest initiative aimed at helping disadvantaged students catch up on lost learning.

But what is the School-Led Tutoring grant, and how does it work? In this blog, we’ll cover some of the ins and outs of the scheme to give you an idea of how you can leverage it to give your pupils the extra support they need this year.

What’s the School-Led Tutoring grant

The School-Led Tutoring grant is the third catch-up fund made available by the government to help disadvantaged students after the disruptions to learning brought by the pandemic. The good news is that this is in addition to existing pots of money, such as the National Tutoring Programme and the Pupil Premium funding, and doesn’t replace them. 

In the AY 21/22, schools will be given £203 per pupil for 60% of their Pupil Premium to spend on tuition however they like. This amount is intended to cover the remaining PP population that was “left out” by the NTP and other catch-up funds. 

The grant is calculated to cover 75% of the cost of locally sourced tuition (based on average costs), with schools expected to contribute the remaining costs.

How to access the funds

Being a grant, you don’t need to apply: the money is paid automatically to you by the government. 

The grant will be paid in several instalments over the course of the academic year – the first payment will be delivered in September for schools and October for Multi-Academy Trusts. This means that unlike the NTP or the Pupil Premium fund, schools don’t have to actually reach out and do anything to apply.

To remain eligible for the grant, however, schools will need to complete some basic accountability data, such as providing an end of financial year return.

How can I use the School-Led tutoring grant?

As the name suggests, the School-Led Tutoring grant is ring-fenced and must be used to fund tutoring support, primarily for disadvantaged students. Schools can use the grant at their discretion as long as it’s to provide tuition, whether by sourcing tutors locally, by training teaching staff or by choosing an online tutoring provider such as MyTutor

One caveat is that, as School-Led Tutoring complements the existing National Tutoring Programme, the grant can’t be used to pay for subsidised tuition provided via the NTP. 

Because NTP tuition is primarily delivered in small groups and 15-hour blocks, the School-Led Tutoring grant provides an element of flexibility. Schools can use it to cover tuition for students who benefit from more personalised 1:1 attention or different length of programmes.

What other funds are available to cover tuition? 

The School-Led grant is just one of three initiatives that aim to support disadvantaged students whose learning has been particularly affected by pandemic-related disruptions. 

Last academic year saw the launch of the National Tutoring Programme, the government-funded scheme set to help Pupil Premium catch up with lost learning. Through the NTP, schools can access high-quality tutoring provided by an approved Tuition Partner at a heavily subsidised rate (70%). 

The NTP was paired with the Academic Mentoring Programme for schools requiring an ‘in class’ resource to work alongside the student’s teacher to address interventions.

In addition to these three catch-up schemes, schools can also access other budgets to cover tutoring costs, such as the Recovery Premium and the Pupil Premium fund.

How to leverage the NTP and School-Led Tutoring grant

You can access subsidised 3:1 tuition via the NTP to support students in need of extra help who do well in small groups, and use the School-led grant to supplement it with 1:1 lessons for pupils who need more personalised attention. 

We found that a common programme size for schools we’re working with includes a mix of 3:1 subsidised NTP tuition for 60 students (15-hour block) and 1:1 tuition for 30 students (10-20 lessons) to allow for more flexibility and personalised attention. 

In this case, the school pays only 30% of the cost of 3:1 tuition with the NTP, while using the School-Led Tutoring grant to cover part of the costs of the 1:1 lessons.

What is MyTutor? 

MyTutor is the leading online tuition provider trusted by over 1000+ schools in the UK, and an approved Tuition Partner for the National Tutoring Programme.

We provide effective online tuition that reinforces classwork, fills learning gaps, and helps pupils raise their grades. Our research shows that pupils who work with us make 1 whole grade of progress, after a term of sessions (2.5x the progress of their peers).

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