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Degree: MA Translation (Masters) - Bristol University

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About me: My love affair with foreign languages began long before I started studying them formally. Even as a young boy on holiday with my family I was mesmerised by every billboard, road sign or general notice we passed...and totally obsessed with deciphering their meanings. This passion never subsided. Throughout the entirety of my time at secondary school, I studied the maximum number of languages permitted, taking all three on to A-level. I then read French and Russian at the University of Manchester and, after graduating, began my MA in Translation (Russian and French) at the University of Bristol. Though I do derive much personal pleasure from language learning, I also find it incredibly rewarding to transmit my enthusiasm to others. My first experience of this was in secondary school where I served as a classics mentor for two years tutoring younger boys in Latin and Ancient Greek. Then, while on my year abroad in Russia, I gave private English lessons to non-native speakers, which provided me with my first professional experience. Seeing the progress that my pupils made and, particularly, the sense of accomplishment that this brought them, was truly inspiring. I thrived on this and it is one of the reasons that I am so eager to drive new students to achieve their educational goals.

About my sessions

The direction of our sessions will be, first and foremost, guided by your individual needs. Languages are vast subjects and I find that targeted tuition is much more effective in bringing about real improvements. After all, there will almost certainly be many aspects of the course with which you feel comfortable. Whether you're having trouble with a tough point of grammar/syntax, oral production or essay writing - through communicating closely with you - I will develop a bespoke curriculum that focuses on your weaknesses to help you get the most out of our time together. By using a variety of methods from detailed explanation to mnemonics and other memory aids, I am sure to find an approach that works for you. Once confident that a particular point has been understood, I will test you on it at the start of the next session to ensure that it has been committed to memory. This combination of empirical learning and regular testing guarantees that you understand a topic before we move onto the next one, which is not always the case in a traditional classroom environment. Next Step? If you have any queries, please send me a 'WebMail' or book a 'Meet the Tutor Session'! (both accessible through this website). Be sure to mention what it is that's posing difficulties for you so that I can tailor a course to your needs.

Subjects offered

French A Level £24 /hr
Russian A Level £24 /hr
French GCSE £22 /hr
Russian GCSE £22 /hr


French and RussianDegree (Bachelors)2:1
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CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


Ratings and reviews

4.9from 7 customer reviews

Ola (Parent) March 19 2016

Timi had a good understanding of the class. So far so good!

Ola (Parent) March 11 2016

I was a bit apprehensive since it was the first time i was trying online tutoring for my son. However, the session was easy and pretty straight forward. Timi enjoyed it because he was able to get a good grasp of concepts he's struggled with in the past and he's looking forward to taking other sessions.

Rujira (Parent) February 23 2016

James is helping my son with French GCSE, and my son seems to enjoy his teaching method. James is contactable, prompt respond and on time. Can't wait to see the result from his teaching by the end of this year!

Rujira (Parent) November 16 2016

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Questions James has answered

What else is the definite article (le/la/les) used for in French?

In most instances where English uses the definite article, French does too. However, it has some special uses in French, which I shall explain below. 1) Must be used with all abstract nouns (nouns referring to ideas, states, concepts etc. as opposed to definite physical objects) as well as wit...

In most instances where English uses the definite article, French does too. However, it has some special uses in French, which I shall explain below.

1) Must be used with all abstract nouns (nouns referring to ideas, states, concepts etc. as opposed to definite physical objects) as well as with nouns being used in a general sense to represent an activity.


ex. “La vie est belle”


“L'alcool n'est pas bon pour la santé.”


2) Must be used when referring to official titles except when directly addressing that person.


ex. “Le président Obama vient d'arriver”


BUT “Comment puis-je vous aider, président Obama?”


In very formal address, however, the definite article IS used and appears before the title.


ex. “Je vous presente, Madame la Marquise.”


3) It is also used with continents, countries, islands, regions, provinces, rivers and mountains


ex. “Les Pyrénées sont entre la France et l'Espagne.”


It is only used with cities when the name of the city has been modified by an adjective.


ex. “J'adore la Paris nocturne.”


4) It is used with weights and units of measurement alongside a specific price (as in per)


ex. “Les oranges coutent 1.20 euros le kilo.”


5) Must be used with languages and academic subjects UNLESS preceded by de or en


ex. “J'étudie le français à l'Université de Manchester.”




“Je parle avec mes amis francophones en français.”


6) It is used with seasons, days of the week, dates, etc. in the sense of in, every or on


ex. “Je vais en ville avec mes parents le samedi”


“Il fait très froid l'hiver”


I hope this guide proves useful when you are preparing for the written paper and struggling to work out whether you need the definite article or not.

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2 years ago

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