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Degree: History (Bachelors) - Durham University

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Hi my name is Ellie... I am about to start my final year of my BA in History at Durham University and cannot believe how fast the time has gone. I absolutely adore my subject, having studied a great wealth of topics and periods both British and worldwide. Currently, I am setting to work on my dissertation which is about the provision of health and medical care to South African women, both during and post Apartheid. 



Coming from a family of teachers, I have had a lot of experience in the classroom. Furthermore, as head mentor in sixth form, I helped many younger students whilst I was at school, particularly in History, English, and Maths. 



I am an extremely patient and approachable individual. I understand very well (from my own experience) that everyone has their own approach to learning, and would work hard to find the style that best suits the student. Furthermore, I know very well that examinations and assessments can be extremely frightening, part of what inspired me to become a tutor is the fact that I hope to provide reassurance to students, as someone who has recently gone through the torture of GCSE and A Levels, and come out the other end just fine.



Obviously, I love HISTORY and am prepared to tutor students at all levels up to A Level standard.


- Won various prizes for contributions to the History department at my Secondary School

- Participated in the Lessons For Auschwitz programme and featured in a programme on BBC Radio Shropshire which followed my experience

- Tutored AS Level students whilst studying A2 in History, as well as giving guidance on essay writing


I received offers from Durham, Warwick, Bristol, Leeds, and Manchester when I applied back in 2013/2014. If you need any help with an application for history, whether this is writing a personal statement or just questions about this course itself, I am here.


Due to my love of writing and literature, I am also available as an ENGLISH LITERATURE AND/OR LANGUAGE tutor, at all levels up to and including GCSE (provided I get enough notice to familiarise myself with texts). OR, if you need help with essay writing, I would be more than happy to help.


- Tutoring in English Literature and Language during sixth form to students at all levels

- Volunteering at a local youth theatre, helping coordinate performances and with delivery of lines

- Avid reader, lover of literature, never less than three books in my handbag at any one time!


I can also provide help with GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS (up to A Level) in British and American politics. This was my favourite A Level topic as it combined history and current affairs, and really allowed me to fine tune my essay writing and analytical skills.


Also, I would be happy to provide help with Extended Project Qualifications, having really enjoyed this at A Level. I can lend a hand with proof reading, structuring, time management, finding literature, and even to bounce off ideas! 

- Mine was an assessment of Yasser Arafat as leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation and gained top marks, so you can literally write about anything! 



I thoroughly enjoyed maths GCSE and would be more than happy to take on any student at any ability. 

- I was a maths mentor for many years during school


Reading/ English as a new language:

I have worked as a reading tutor in secondary schools, helping students to improve their reading and literacy levels. I would happily help improve spoken, written, and understanding of English.


11+ Admissions Tests

I have experience in 11+ tuition, particularly verbal and non-verbal reasoning examinations. I am happy to take on students to help them prepare for their 11+ and work hard to help them fine tune their logic and exam strategy.

Subjects offered

Extended Project Qualification A Level £20 /hr
Extended Project Qualification A Level £20 /hr
History A Level £20 /hr
English GCSE £18 /hr
English Language GCSE £18 /hr
English Literature GCSE £18 /hr
History GCSE £18 /hr
History GCSE £18 /hr
Maths GCSE £18 /hr
English 13 Plus £18 /hr
History 13 Plus £18 /hr
Maths 13 Plus £18 /hr
English 11 Plus £18 /hr
Maths 11 Plus £18 /hr
-Personal Statements- Mentoring £22 /hr


English LiteratureA-levelA2A
Government and Politics A-levelA2A
Extended ProjectA-levelA2A*
Disclosure and Barring Service

CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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Currently unavailable: for new students

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Questions Eleanor has answered

Show clearly that (3√3)^2 = 27

Show clearly that (3√3)2 = 27 First of all, the question looks overfacing due to the surds, I can assure you that surds are not scary, they simply act as a means of clearing up messy numbers such as 1.73205 08075 68877 29352 74463... (carries on for a billion digits) which can be simply writt...

Show clearly that (3√3)2 = 27

First of all, the question looks overfacing due to the surds, I can assure you that surds are not scary, they simply act as a means of clearing up messy numbers such as 1.73205 08075 68877 29352 74463... (carries on for a billion digits) which can be simply written as √3! 

So, how would we work out (3√3)without using a calculator? Well, luckily the question tells us that the answer we need to find is 27, so we can't go far wrong within these parametres. 

First of all, (3√3)2  is a tidy and mathematical way of writing 3√3 x 3√3.

A surd is not an equation, it is just a tidy way of writing a messy number. 

 Remember the rule of surds:

√(a x b) is the same as √a x √b... 

3√3 is a tidy, surdy way of writing √3x √3. Which is the same as √9 x √3... √(9 x 3).... which can also be written as √27. 

so, what we have to show is that √272= 27. 

√27 x √27= 27, because, by timesing together two like surds, we can get rid of the root sign because, in general, multiplying two like surds gives a rational number... (√a x √a= a) (2√a x √a=2a) 

Hence, we have just proved that (3√3)2= 27 simply by referring to the basic rules of surds :)

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2 years ago

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