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Jake H.

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Degree: Business and Management (Bachelors) - Durham University

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About me

About Me

I am a final year Business and Management Student at Durham University. My degree covers a broad spectrum of critical business topics, extending to economics, psychology, and some aspects of law. I have a real passion for the professional environment and thrive within related subjects including Business Studies and Economics. 

I have work experience in an array of fields including the hospitality, retail, and financial services industries including an internship at J.P. Morgan. This work experience allows me to effectively apply relevant business/economics theories into real life examples, enhancing your learning. I have also tutored my friends before their exams since GCSE level.

The Sessions

only teach subjects/topics that I believe I can effectively enhance your learning. Hence I will offer tutoring in Business Studies and Economics at any level, and Maths up to GCSE. I will ensure these sessions are completely tailored to your needs. I can help you go through/mark exam questions to enhance your understanding of the theory/exam rhetoric. We can discuss theory or topics relevant in today's news, or go through any aspects of something you don't understand. I can suggest what we can learn and offer ideas on how to effectively revise.

I have no commitments at present and can offer sessions at a time to suit you. Please message me for when you would like a session.

Subjects offered

Business Studies A Level £22 /hr
Business Studies GCSE £20 /hr
Economics GCSE £20 /hr


Business StudiesA-levelA2A*
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Currently unavailable: for regular students

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Ratings and reviews

4.2from 6 customer reviews

Arun (Student) April 8 2016

Very informative and incredibly helpful. Would definitely recommend!

Lily (Parent) April 1 2016

Jake is very patient and thoughtful. I was anxious about this experience because I am a slow leaner. I felt at ease with Jake because I can ask stupid questions. He will always repeat himself.

M (Parent) March 22 2016

Great tutor, reliable and great preparation. Would thoroughly recommend. Will be booking further sessions. A*******

Arun (Student) March 22 2016

Jake is a brilliant teacher. He has pushed me above and beyond my target grade for Business Studies GCSE. His lessons are very well structured and incredibly informative. They are also very focused. I would definitely recommend Jake to anyone because he will surely meet the highest of expectations.
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Questions Jake has answered

What are the benefits of innovation within a business?

Definition Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas. This is predominantly achieved through research and development (R&D). R&D is the necessary investigations in order to discover new products or manufacturing processes. Benefits Improved quality: Innovation develops hig...


Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas. This is predominantly achieved through research and development (R&D). R&D is the necessary investigations in order to discover new products or manufacturing processes.


Improved quality: Innovation develops higher quality products that become more attractive to customers leading to increased sales and better reputation

EXAMPLE: A new iPhone model is an example of innovation. Each model that is released includes new features that enhance the user’s experience. This can include higher quality graphics, faster processers, higher pixel camera etc.

Enter new markets: Innovation can allow a firm to enter new markets

EXAMPLE: Apple innovated and create the Apple Watch. This allowed Apple to enter the watch market that penetrate the growing Smartwatch market segment.

Increase value added: Innovation encourages the development of highly differentiated products, creating a unique selling point (USP). The lack of similar products upon the market means that demand for this differentiated products is inelastic. Inelastic demand means that firms can increase the price (without losing many customers) and make a higher profit margin. Similarly, the lack of similar products to a differentiated one creates an opportunity to patent a product and ensure long term success of this product.

EXAMPLE: Apple innovated with the original iPhone model, creating a highly differentiated mobile phone that at the time, no other companies offered anything similar (the market was still fixed on Motorola flip phones). Apple charged in excess of £400 for the iPhone (because of the inelastic demand present) and made a high profit margin on the iPhone. EVALUATION: The combination of high profit margins and Apple purchasing numerous patents over the years helps to ensure the longevity of success. High profit margins generate more profit that can lead to greater budget on R&D. A greater budget on R&D increases the opportunity for innovation, which is secured through the use of patents. This means that Apple can innovate regularly without fear of losing their monopoly upon the smartphone market.

Increase product range: Innovation encourages the development of a new products and a wider product range.

EXAMPLE: Apple innovation created the iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac, and Apple Watch.

Reduces costs: Innovation can improve processes and make them more efficient. If I innovate a process and make the process quicker I can use company resources less and save money. 

EXAMPLE: Many big banks use the innovation of computer software to improve processes. Various technology departments within these banks enhance company softwares that help to speed up processes. 

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1 year ago

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