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Eleanor D.

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Degree: Modern Languages (French & Spanish) (Bachelors) - Durham University

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About me

Hi there, I'm Eleanor. I'm in my second year at Durham University studying French and Spanish, and I am able to help to students of all abilities, in all sorts of ways.

Mastering a language can seem like an overwhelming task, so my tutorials break down the areas you wish to focus on, into manageable sections, allowing you to progress confidently and consistently. Speaking to someone in a foreign lanuage can also be intimidating, so I strive to tutor in a relaxed and genuinely friendly way, whilst helping you to the best of my ability.

Given the increasing focus on excelling in public exams, students often get left behind in class due to the fast pace of teaching. If this is you, I can help by explaining and demystifying any areas of grammar and language. We will move at a steady pace and ensure that you fully understand our lesson's focus before moving on. I also firmly believe that successful learning of a language comes from repetition and regular revision, so at the start of each tutorial, we will do a 5 minute recap the previous session's work before moving on.

Alternatively, if you are a top student looking to excel further, I'm able to help you do just that. Having been lucky enough to have been taught by Oxbridge-educated teachers (one of whom in fact marks examination papers), I have plenty of subject specific advice and tips regarding everything from the learning process of these languages to advice on exam technique.

I also sat Pre-U examinations, and subsequently have a thorough knowledge of the various papers for each of the languages, and the skills and preparation required in order for each student to attain the best marks possible

As a successful applicant to Durham University, I would also be more than happy to answer any questions about personal statements for prospective French and/or Spanish students.

I am flexible in terms of availability to tutor, so don't worry if you have a busy schedule; I can fit things around you. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to drop me a message or book a session completely free of charge!

Subjects offered

French A Level £20 /hr
Spanish A Level £20 /hr
French GCSE £18 /hr
Spanish GCSE £18 /hr


HistoryA-levelA2D2 at Pre-U (A*)
FrenchA-levelA2D2 at Pre-U (A*)
SpanishA-levelA2D2 at Pre-U (A*)
Disclosure and Barring Service

CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


Ratings and reviews

5from 4 customer reviews

Aimee (Student) May 12 2016

sound didnt work x

Julie (Parent) March 10 2016

The sessions with Eleanor are going very well. My daughter is learning a lot and enjoying them. Eleanor is well prepared and the sessions are tailored brilliantly to my daughters needs. Eleanor has an excellent grasp of my daughters development area's and is focusing on improving these using various learning techniques. Eleanor is also very patient and flexible which has been valuable on 2 out of the 3 sessions already where my daughter has experienced problems with her laptop which has delayed the start times of her tutorials. Huge thanks to Eleanor for being so accommodating on both occasions.

Aimee (Student) April 8 2016

Aimee (Student) March 31 2016

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