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Calum M.

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Degree: Physics (Bachelors) - Glasgow University

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About me

From my experience a good teacher is a key element in developing skills in physics and maths. I hope to be able to provide this as I have always been passionate about physics and hope to pass this on to others. I have done my highers and advanced highers in Scotland with the SQA and have been playing with science kits since my mum got me my first one. From tutoring my friends in school, I understand that maths and physics can be a tricky subject that is not always understood straightaway, and I aim to start at the basics and ensure a strong foundation and then building on that until every problem can be approached and tackled with confidance. I can be avilible during the week in the afternoon and evening as well as the majority of weekend afternoons.

Subjects offered

Maths GCSE £18 /hr
Physics GCSE £18 /hr


PhysicsScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced HigherB
MathsScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA
EnglishScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherB
ChemistryScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA
PhilosophyScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherB
PhyicsScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA
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CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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