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Hannah G.

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Degree: Physics (Masters) - Manchester University

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About me

About Me: Hey, I'm Hannah and I've just gone into my third year of studying physics at Manchester. I absolutely love maths and science and would love to help pass on my enthusiasm through tutoring. I know that at GCSE and A-level it can be very tempting to just study mark schemes to get through exams but I hope to rid you of that temptation! It's much more fun when you understand it :-)  The Session  I aim to tailor my tutoring style to whatever suits you best (I love trying new things so I have experience will all kinds of learning). I personally think lots of practice questions are good where there are many opportunities for you to talk through your thinking process to identify where you're going right and wrong.  I've tutored many family friends through their GCSEs and they've managed to up their grades relatively easily! I've also helped a few friends through their exams at university so I've picked up a love for tutoring.  I'm willing to go beyond the scope of the course if I believe that will help your understanding of course subjects. 

Subjects offered

Maths A Level £36 /hr
Physics A Level £36 /hr
Chemistry GCSE £36 /hr
Maths GCSE £36 /hr
Physics GCSE £36 /hr


Maths A-levelA2A*
Physics A-levelA2A*
Chemistry A-levelA2A*
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CRB/DBS Enhanced


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Currently unavailable: for regular students

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Weeks availability
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Ratings and reviews

4.9from 57 customer reviews

Shauna (Student) March 28 2017

very helpful in clearing up areas i have always struggled on

Sara (Parent) November 19 2016

clear and helpful

Afshan (Parent) January 30 2016

Fantastic tutorial. Great pace, so much covered. Thoroughly enjoyed and extremely beneficial. Thank you.

Afshan (Parent) January 10 2016

Great lesson, really beneficial and thoroughly enjoyed. Correctly paced and so apparent that you had prepared specifically for the session. Thank you, Afshan
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