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Amardeep P.

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Degree: Dentistry (Bachelors) - Liverpool University

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About me

About Me

I am a 2nd year dental student at University of Liverpool. Applying to dental/medical schools can be a daunting experience. I understand how stressful the process of completing your personal statement, facing interviews and waiting anxiously for university replies can be. Having faced 3 MMI style interviews, I want to use my experience to help you to understand how the interview process works, what sort of questions and tasks you will face and what sort of students your interviewers are looking out for. Despite me being a dental student I also am willing to offer help to prospective medical students as from my experience i have found that medical and dental school interview processes are quite similar.

The sessions:

During the sessions we will go through the different types of interviews you are most likely to face. Many of the tasks and questions can be categorised into a variety of different groups such as: ethical scenarios, role play scenarios, scenarios to test manual dexteriety and personal questions which test your passion for dentistry ect. I will prepare a wide variety of example questions and tasks that we will go through to try and help you to understand the key points that your interviewers are looking for. As you become more confident with the questions we can conduct a practice interview where you will be left to answer questions for yourself under timed conditions. 

What next?

If you have any questions, send me a 'WebMail' or book a 'Meet the Tutor Session'! (both accessible through this website). I look forward to meeting you!

Subjects offered

Biology GCSE £18 /hr
Chemistry GCSE £18 /hr
-Medical School Preparation- Mentoring £22 /hr


Disclosure and Barring Service

CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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