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Degree: Politics (Bachelors) - Durham University

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I am a Durham University graduate and I studied for a BA (Hons) degree in Politics. The aim of my tutorials is to help you gain a greater level of understanding in your subjects, and hopefully come to love them as much as I do. I consider myself a friendly and approachable person. I have a lot of experience in this area – I have completed over 170 hours of tuition on MyTutor, I have previously coached swimming, acted as a peer mentor and have tutored both my peers and younger years through their GCSEs and A-Levels. I also have a certificate noting my enhanced DBS/CRB check.

About my sessions

During the sessions, you will help to decide what areas we cover. Only you know what you understand and what you need more in-depth help with, so never feel shy about asking me to go back over a certain topic, or even explain it in a different way. I know from personal experience that everyone learns differently, so if you need me to use another approach, I will. 

In politics, essay writing is key. However, before you can answer exam questions or write an essay, basic understanding is crucial – so this is what we will focus on first. The goal is for you to become confident enough to explain the theories to me. Then I will guide you through how to apply these concepts to an argument, and we will structure essay plans and mock exam answers until you feel you have mastered the subject. I also want the sessions to be fun. Learning can be a really enjoyable experience, and hopefully I will be able to prove that to you after our tutorials!

What now? Hopefully my profile has answered most queries you might have. However if you have any other questions at all, please do book a ‘Free Meeting’ through the website. Let me know how I can help you, that’s what I’m here for!

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Government and Politics A Level £36 /hr
Politics A Level £36 /hr
Politics GCSE £36 /hr


English LiteratureA-levelA2A
Extended Project Qualification A-levelA2A*
Biology A-levelASA
PoliticsDegree (Bachelors)2:1
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Ratings and reviews

5from 66 customer reviews

Steve (Student)

Incredatble tuthor, replies quickly I have only booked 3 lessons and was able to gain an A grade from A level politics.

Liz (Parent)

If you are lucky enough to have Heather teaching you then you have every chance to secure one of the top grades. I am writing this review as a Head of Sixth Form. She tutored my son for his A level and he went from a C to an A. She is quite simply superb! I only wish I could recruit her onto my teaching team.

Alfie (Student) May 29 2017

Fab Tutor. I really feel she helped my son gain a better grade.

Cordelia (Parent) June 19 2017

Heather's support and guidance was invaluable in helping my daughter go into her Pokitics exams with confidence. They covered so much ground in a very short space of time. I couldn't recommend Heather highly enough.
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Questions Heather has answered

What are the criticisms/weaknesses of the UK constitution?

The UK constitution has been subject to criticism because it is an uncodified (unwritten) document. The four main criticisms are a follows: 1 - Uncertainty. Due to the 'unwritten' nature of the constitution, there is often confusion surrounding constitutional rules. This occurs because the rul...

The UK constitution has been subject to criticism because it is an uncodified (unwritten) document. The four main criticisms are a follows:

1 - Uncertainty. Due to the 'unwritten' nature of the constitution, there is often confusion surrounding constitutional rules. This occurs because the rules are not fixed, and so are difficult to decipher.

Example: The convention of individual ministerial responsibility is unclear, particularly about whether 'responsibility' means resignation.

2 - Elective Dictatorship. In theory, the UK constitution allows for elective dictatorship (a term first put forward by Lord Hailsham). By concentrating power in the hands of the executive, it means the government of the day has a 'dictatorship' to reshape the constitution itself, at least until the next election.

3 - Centralisation. This occurs due to weak and ineffective checks and balances. Limited government power due to internal links between government bodies is a key element of a liberal democracy, however the UK system sees more concentration of power, rather than the desired fragmentation.

Example: In the early years of his term in power, Blair's landslide majority meant he was able to introduce a number of policies without worrying about being defeated, due to his control of the Commons.

4 - Weak Protection of Rights. Civil liberties and freedoms have weak protections - this happens because individual rights are not written down, and so do not have any legal backing.

Example: Human Rights Act (1998) has defined rights more clearly, but it is nowhere near as effective as a written, legal document such as a bill of rights.

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7 months ago

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