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Julia M.

Degree: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (Masters) - Edinburgh University

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About me

Hi there friend!  The way the world around us works is absolutely fascinating - and that's what science aims to understand. Of course, when faced with long equations and new concepts, conquering science can seem much more daunting than delightful. That's where I come in!  A bit about me: I'm in my final year of a Medical Science degree at the University of Edinburgh, and I'd love to share my passion for science to you (careful...it's contagious) by hopefully shedding a new angle on topics you're covering in class that you aren't so fond of in a fun and interactive way.  I tutored while I was in high school, covering GCSE level biology, chemistry and maths, so offer all these subjects at GCSE level. In sixth form, I took Higher Level IB Biology and Chemistry, offering tutoring in these areas in IB as well as A-Level. The Core Principles: Curiosity, Creativity, and Self-Led Learning You are the leader of your own learning. I'm here to help guide you and provide a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding, delivered in a novel and creative way to engage you, make you laugh, and help you remember what you're learning. We will be ensuring that we cover the syllabus for the exam board test you're working towards, but if a particular field sparks your interest, we'll nurture that curiosity together and get you thinking beyond the material presented to make science more exciting for you! I am very flexible and will do my best to suit your schedule and adapt to your learning style. Feel free to shoot me a message anytime, I'd be happy to have an initial chat (super informal - no pressure!) for you to get to know me a bit and see if you think I'm the right fit for you!  Can't wait to hear from you!

Subjects offered

SubjectLevelMy prices
Biology A Level £24 /hr
Chemistry A Level £24 /hr
Biology GCSE £22 /hr
Chemistry GCSE £22 /hr
Maths GCSE £22 /hr
Biology IB £24 /hr
Chemistry IB £24 /hr


Biology Baccalaureate7/7
Chemistry Baccalaureate7/7
English literatureBaccalaureate6/7
Theory of KnowledgeBaccalaureateB
Medical SciencesBachelors Degree2:1
Disclosure and Barring Service

CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


Ratings and reviews

4.3from 10 customer reviews

Elizabeth (Student) May 22 2016

You missed the session and i think we should make up one soon.

Alexander (Student) January 18 2016

very smart, incredibly articulate and charismatic, made me understand chemistry for once

Germana (Parent) January 15 2016

Rui was very please with Julia's teaching methods

Montana (Parent) December 21 2015

Julia has been very consistent, she made me feel at ease during the tutoring session. I feel the resources she has given me has been very beneficial. I would recommend Julia as tutor.
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All contact details will be kept confidential.

To give you a few options, we can ask three similar tutors to get in touch. More info.

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