Francesca B. GCSE Biology tutor

Francesca B.

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Degree: Biology (Bachelors) - Bristol University

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Hello, I'm Francesca and I tutor GCSE Biology.

I'm a Biology Undergraduate at the University of Bristol and have always loved biology. From plants (photosynthesis is not as evil to learn as it looks) to animals (what's the difference between inter and intraspecific competition again...oh, I remember!) and humans too I can help with it all.

I will be able to help you not only memorise enough to ace the exam but also to understand how and why it all works so you wont need to spend weeks in a panic of revision.

Diagrams, drawning, analogies, whatever you need. I will go over things once or in a hundred differnt ways if you need me to - until you could teach me!

All I will need is a copy of the year's curriculum and we'll be set.

To contact me send a Webmail or book a Meet the Tutor session through this website.

Your future as a biologist could start here.


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Biology GCSE £18 /hr


Product DesignA-LevelA*
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Currently unavailable: for regular students

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