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Hannah S.

Degree: Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology (Masters) - Liverpool University

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About me

I'm currently studying my masters in medicinal chemistry and pharmacology at the University of Liverpool.  My course features a core of chemistry with a large amount of biology as part of the pharmacology aspect. This gives me a good understanding of biological and chemical concepts and experience of a wide range of teaching techniques in both fields, both of which I believe are what make me an understanding, positive, dynamic and effective tutor.  English may not be my chosen field for a career, but is something I have an equal amount of passion for. Having done English Language A Level as a follow-up on my Language and Literature GCSEs, I continue to enjoy both reading and writing extensively. I achieve highly in essay tasks when they're assigned, but also compete in writing competitions in my spare time.  I'll always aim to bring a new perspective to difficult topics, breaking them down and finding new ways explore the material until full understanding is achieved. Having been through the system myself, I understand that it's not easy, but it has helped me realise that the right way of thinking about things means anything is achievable. 

About my sessions

One way of tutoring doesn't suit everyone, so I always change my approach depending on what my student and their parents would like. However, I have some basic styles that I usually start with, but then adapt. The first is generally used when students want to go over content and cement it in their mind. I usually ask for a list of topics that they're finding difficult and prepare from that. I split the lesson time into three to four segments to maintain interest and concentration for the student. Each of these segments features a different topic from the syllabus and takes the form of a taught section (where I recap the content for the student), followed by a short quiz (2-5 questions, some of which are past exam questions, others are designed by myself to ensure that I've conveyed the content effectively) to ensure that they're able to apply what they know. The second approach is often used when the student is approaching exam season. These sessions usually focus on completing exam papers. Initially we will go through exam papers together, look at commonly recurring questions or themes and discuss what the student is still struggling with. Then we will go over these topics in more detail to ensure that the student understands, before doing more past papers to cement the learning. These sessions usually culminate in the student doing a few papers with minimal help to see what grade they achieve, but this is not necessary. 

Subjects offered

Biology A Level £36 /hr
Chemistry A Level £36 /hr
Biology GCSE £36 /hr
Chemistry GCSE £36 /hr
English GCSE £36 /hr
English Language GCSE £36 /hr
-Personal Statements- Mentoring £36 /hr


Chemistry A-levelA2A
Biology A-levelA2A
English Language A-levelA2A
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5from 78 customer reviews

David (Parent) May 15 2017

My Daughter worked with Hannah on both Chemistry and Biology in the lead up to her GCSE's. These sessions really consolidated the understanding of topics covered in school and assisted greatly on the revision and exam preparation leading to very good grades. Thank you

Alaa (Student) August 10 2017

great !!

Alaa (Student) July 24 2017

good session

Alaa (Student) July 7 2017

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