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Conor B.

Degree: Neuroscience (Bachelors) - Edinburgh University

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About me

I am a recent Neuroscience graduate from the University of Edinburgh and am now studying a Masters in Clinical Biochemistry. I am a tutor and a sports coach and I find teaching to be the most rewarding aspect of my own extensive learning. I volunteer as STEM ambassador, which entails visiting schools in the area to promote an appreciation and understanding of the sciences and maths both in an academic and practical context. My ambition is to not only teach, but crucially, to enthuse people of all ages and backgrounds to approach science with the sense of awe and curiosity that ultimately drives independent learning.

About my sessions

When taking on a new student we discuss any particular problems and agree upon a plan to address them. It is important to identify and correct any misconceptions before progressing to topics of complexity. There are as many different teaching styles as there are pupils so each lesson will be individually tailored to suit the student. In a typical session however, I will start off by briefly explaining what we will cover and ensure that the broad concepts and relevance are understood. We will then explore the topic in greater detail using real world examples, diagrams and past paper questions. I strongly encourage questions and will periodically check understanding throughout the lesson.

Subjects offered

Biology GCSE £20 /hr
Chemistry GCSE £20 /hr
Physics GCSE £20 /hr
Science GCSE £20 /hr


Pharmaceutical SciencesDegree (Bachelors)P
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CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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5from 34 customer reviews

Carolyn (Parent) February 28 2016

I thought that the sessions have been brilliant from the understanding to the knowledge of all the questions which really helps with revision. Thanks Conor, (statement from my son)

Carolyn (Parent) February 21 2016

My son states that the session was helpful as he'd forgotten all the equations and the method that Conor taught him has helped great deal in that respect. Looking forward to next week!!!

Carolyn (Parent) February 14 2016

My son states that the sessions have been helpful and is looking forward to future sessions. Conor is very likeable and easy to get on with.

Carolyn (Parent) February 7 2016

Another great session! Thank you!!
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