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Somia I.

Degree: PhD in Clinical Psychology (Research) - Edinburgh University

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About me

Who am I? Hi, my name is Somia Imran and I am first year PhD (Clinical Psychology) student at the University of Edinburgh. I have studied a variety of subjects in my academic career, for instance, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology in my A-Levels; Political Science, English literature and Social work in my undergrad; Masters in English Literature and MSc in Behavioral Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology). Out of all psychology is my passion and I am very enthusiastic to teach all core aspects of it. I am also proofreading and reviewing masters` students` assignments and thesis because my knowledge about different subjects has enabled me to understand various perspectives, arguments and comparisons. Moreover, tutoring for me is to facilitate students to have a smooth sailing through their learning journey, whether it is about understanding, essay writing, evaluations or analysis. Focus of my tutorials I have been tutoring privately for the last few years. In my tutorials I always look forward to my tutees to guide me what they are interested to learn. As there is no right or wrong answer in Psychology, and most important is how you evaluate and apply different psychological concepts, theories and research methods; so I believe in discussions and mostly go through the following systematic way in my tutorials 1. Understanding of the concept 2. Relate things and making connections (Examples from real life) 3. Comparisons on the basis of strengths and weaknesses Yet, tutees are always welcome if they themselves want to design some trouble shooting tutorials! My availability If you have any questions, send me a 'WebMail' or book a 'Meet the Tutor Session'! (both accessible through this website). Remember to tell me your exam board and what you're struggling with. I am available: Monday to Wednesday from 4 pm to 8 pm; Thursday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 5 pm. I always make timelines and work accordingly so that I could manage different things simultaneously. I look forward to meeting you! Qualifications/Awards Qualification                                               Level        Grade 1. MSc in Behavioral Sciences                        MSc         Distinction (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology)   2. Masters in English Literature                      Masters       A                                Awards College Research Awards (University of Edinburgh) for PhD in Clinical Psychology Top-pick presentation award at PGR Conference 2016 (School of Health in Social Science, The University of Edinburgh)                               Conference I have presented my paper on MSc research in 2nd Empathy conference in Oxford                               Publication I am also in the process of preparing two manuscripts for publication CRB/DBS Standard No CRB/DBS Enhanced No Currently available!

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SubjectLevelMy prices
Psychology A Level £24 /hr
Sociology A Level £24 /hr
English GCSE £22 /hr


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To give you a few options, we can ask three similar tutors to get in touch. More info.

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