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Degree: Biochemistry with Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Bachelors) - Bristol University

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I'm a biochemistry student at the University of Bristol. I am from Spain and I did the Spanish baccalaureate in Madrid, Spain. I got 100% in the Spanish language unit. Having scientific thinking helped me view languages from a more analytical angle and be interested in having a deeper understanding of the language I grew up with.

I have teaching skills since I gave advanced Spanish lessons for the entire past academic year to 15 year olds. Moreover, I have two little siblings who I have always helped with school work, which I consider is a great teaching practice to build up patience and ability to explain concepts in a clear, simple way. 

My experience has taught me that to be a convincing teacher the most important thing is to fully understand what I want to explain to the students so as to clearly communicate it. I will make sure I accurately answer to your queries and make concepts that mey seem hard a lot easier to understand. 

Having learned two other languages (French and English), I have acknowledged the best ways to understand a language from the basis and the methods to teach it, which I consider is essential to impart lessons. Different languages are different ways of communication between people, thus they are different ways of organising and transmitting ideas, so it is important to approach their learning correctly.

In my lessons I will help you with anything you are struggling with, you can write me before about questions or a certain topic you would like to discuss in the lesson. You will learn my language in an entertaining, approachable way and why not a bit of the culture? As I said, language is not only about words! 

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Spanish BaccalaurateInternational Baccalaureate (IB)A
Spanish LanguageInternational Baccalaureate (IB)A*
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