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Azzurra D.

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Degree: BSc Molecular Genetics (Bachelors) - Edinburgh University

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About me

About me

I am a biology student at The University of Edinburgh. During my years of study at High School I developed a great interest and love for natural sciences, especially for Biology. After High School, I took the Diploma di Maturità Scientifica with the grade of 100/100  with Honours and I entered several prestigiuous Medical Schools. However, I decided to join the University of Edinburgh and challange my-self in this foreign evnvironment. I did many volunteering activities with societies and clubs ( Rotaract, EUYSRA..), which enabled me to learn how to deal with people from very different backgrounds. My love is biology, but I can help with many types of things from specific subject-related concepts to time managing. In addition, this years at University helped me developing very good problem solving and writing skills.

The tutorials

During my teaching sessions you will be the master! Just ask what you need and we can work on it until you reach your goals. I can use a great range of teaching methods (diagrams, maps, summary..). I am very patient and approachable so do not be scared to ask questions again and again!

Can you help with university application procedures and tests?

I have been struggling with application procedures and tests. I know how difficult it can be to manage to pass your exams, while thinking to planning your future. So I can understand you perfectly and provide full assistance. Moreover, since I am a university student I have access to the career service website and other helpful tools.

Next Step

If you have any questions, either contact me sending a "WebMail" or book "Meet The Tutor Session".

I look forward to hearing from you!

Subjects offered

Biology IB £20 /hr
Latin IB £20 /hr
Philosophy IB £20 /hr


MathematicsScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced Higher10/10
PhysicsScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced Higher10/10
BiologyScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced Higher10/10
ChemistryScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced Higher10/10
HistoryScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced Higher10/10
PhilosophyScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced Higher10/10
Italian literatureScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced Higher10/10
English LitratureScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced Higher10/10
LatinScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced Higher10/10
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CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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