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Degree: Medicine (Bachelors) - Southampton University

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I am a fifth year medical student at the University of Southampton. I am passionate about learning science and am currently undertaking a research Masters year in Cancer Immunology.

I completed my A-levels a few years later than others and found that because I was revisiting academic learning on my own terms, I had new found passion and enthusiasm for learning. I really enjoy communicating key concepts to students and also working with others to understand and break down scientific problems into smaller steps. By relying on basic rules and steps to think through problems; what at first seems complicated gradually becomes easier. 


I have worked with young people and teenagers as a tennis coach and also with the elderly in previous work at a hospice. This has helped me learn to adapt my communication style. I have helped students during my A-levels and also during my preclinical medicine years. I have always enjoyed working with other students and I appreciate that in a career like Medicine there is always somebody to learn from. It is my ambition to be a good teacher as well as a competent and kind doctor. 


I think the most successful relationship is where the student explains the areas which are most difficult and then we can build together from the basics to make sure that the principals are understood. There are countless exams during medical school and just like in GCSEs and A-levels, it is always useful to keep the examiners expectations in mind when answering the question. As a result, once the core concepts have been understood I will focus on building the students exam technique. Often valuable marks can be obtained simply by sticking to the question and showing full working. 

Our Goals will be:

1. Understand the core concept. I like to use diagrams and memory aids to keep this simple and easy to recall.
2. Practice a variety of related problems
3. Build exam technique
4. Focus on areas of difficulty 

Medical School Application and Interview Preparation 

For medical school applications, a variety of key requirements are needed which include successful academic achievement, reflective experience in a healthcare setting and other experiences which show leadership and key qualities. In addition to these, the UKCAT score, references and interview are important. 

I am confident that I can provide specialised advice for medical school interviews and personal statements. I have been interviewed multiple times during my medical school application and also for my masters year. I feel I can significantly improve an applicants ability to answer and prepare for difficult and standard interview questions. From my experience I have realised that there are essential ways to prepare yourself. These are not difficult but strategy and practice are key so that you are firstly well equipped. This will allow you to present yourself confidently. 

Subjects offered

Biology A Level £36 /hr
Biology A Level £36 /hr
Biology A Level £36 /hr
Human Biology A Level £36 /hr
Human Biology A Level £36 /hr
Human Biology A Level £36 /hr
Chemistry GCSE £36 /hr
Chemistry GCSE £36 /hr
Maths GCSE £36 /hr
Maths GCSE £36 /hr
-Medical School Preparation- Mentoring £36 /hr
-Personal Statements- Mentoring £36 /hr


Fine ArtA-levelA2A
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Currently unavailable: for regular students

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Sharon (Parent) April 11 2017

wonderful teacher , thank you

Sharon (Parent) April 6 2017

David is a superb teacher

Kelly (Student) February 9 2017


Kelly (Student) February 16 2017

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Questions David has answered

Describe the main differences between the innate and adaptive immune response?

The innate immune response is broader and faster than the adaptive. It is able to react against awide variety of different pathogens including viruses, bacteriaand parasites. It is non-specific, meaning it gives a repeated general  response that does not vary between different pathogens. It doe...

The innate immune response is broader and faster than the adaptive. It is able to react against a wide variety of different pathogens including viruses, bacteria and parasites. It is non-specific, meaning it gives a repeated general response that does not vary between different pathogens. It does not lead to the formation of immunological memory. In contrast the adaptive immune system develops memory which acts as protection to future infections.  This means that with repeated exposure to the same antigen on a pathogen the immune response becomes faster and eliminates the pathogen more efficiently. The innate system serves to protect the body against infections for example influenza virus. However the adaptive system is also able to orchestrate complex immune responses (e.g. anti-cancer CD8 positive killer T cells) and discriminate between self and non-self. It does this by the recognition of cell surface molecules called major histocompatibilty class antigens that present small protein fragments or peptides. The adaptive system can be divided into humoral immunity (B cells) and cellular immunity (T cells). This is different to the innate system which involves physical barriers such as skin and mucous, the process of inflammation and cells such as macrophages which are phagocytes that engulf foreign material.

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2 years ago

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