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Jack Robert C.

Degree: PhD French Philosophy and German Literature (Doctorate) - Durham University

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The beckoning of an authentic life shattered my soul around the age of twelve, falling into an abyss where the light of Philosophy and study of the academic disciplines redeemed my existence and became my redemption. I am now happy in life, as I am happy in my eventual death, as a consequence of the truth of learning. I found my solace in such writers as Nietzsche, Kant and Spinoza. For upon consequence of this philosophical revelation, I became an autodidact, reading the scholarships from contemporary legal theory to the study of pure mathematics. From my nine years of current self-study, I have become a rational, determined and ambitious individual who wishes to extend himself and upon the current studies I have acquired in order to advance to a doctorate. I am the first and only member of my family to attend university which on one hand has been an achievement, but has also allowed me despite the pressure to succeed on the behalf of myself foremost and my parents, to flourish in academia and allowed me to see that I am inherently a part
of this intellectual realm and deserve to provide my own attribution and recognition. Despite
wishing to reside in the discipline of Philosophy, my BA I undertook served as locales in which to utilize my reading of the Western Canon as a lens to investigate History. This degree building upon my International Baccalaureate that I undertook in the private school of International School Winterthur in Switzerland furthermore contributed to this education, as I founded a Philosophy club there despite the intellectual hardship that the I.B as an intellectual system founds itself upon. In my mind, I view Philosophy as a field as the foundation of all other disciplines, and in so studying this discipline, one can develop an in-depth and broadened world-view without becoming prejudicial to the narrowness of one's own studied field. Despite this applications' wishes to pursue doctorate work in History, it is an excellent discipline offered from the institution receiving this application as a means of exploring this tripartite fold of interests, and ultimately to pursue my interest to expand
the boundary of knowledge, centring around the History of Western Philosophy and the Age of Enlightenment in the 17th and 18th centuries. This research interest is made manifest in my undergraduate dissertation on John Locke and the State of Nature respectively under Dr. Ian Harris. I aspire to write a Mlitt dissertation under Dr. Caroline Humfress on Foucault. Additionally, I have worked under Knud Haakonssen for a masters essay on Samuel Pufendorf, and have had seminars with John Dunn and Stefan Collini under the organization of the course convenor, Professor Richard Whatmore. As the former President of the Philosophy Society at the University of Leicester, my interests within these prescribed fields still consists, although the number of philosophers attending are minimal, in respect to the absence of a Philosophy department at Leicester. I still continued to run weekly meetings with presentations regarding the Age of Enlightenment, and the History of Philosophy. As a consequence of this intellectual partaking, I acquired a mark of 5 in my German Standard Level course in Intellectual Baccalaureate, my secondary reading language of German supplements my understanding of such philosophers as Hegel, Kant, Nietzsche and Heidegger. I continue to build upon these academic activities outside my course at St. Andrews by giving papers and attending conferences.This institution of excellence as a world-wide leading body, pushing the boundaries of knowledge in
History, is also renowned as a homeland of intellectuals mentioned prior, to which I think I belong and can prosper in attributing to not only the discourse itself, but the institution itself as apart of global knowledge and a home to new thinking about the world as a research academic specializing in Enlightenment studies like Foucault, Kosselleck, Venturi, Mark Bevir and John Robertson.

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English A Level £36 /hr
History A Level £36 /hr
Philosophy A Level £36 /hr
English GCSE £36 /hr
History GCSE £36 /hr
Philosophy GCSE £36 /hr
Politics GCSE £36 /hr
English IB £36 /hr
History IB £36 /hr
Philosophy IB £36 /hr


EnglishInternational Baccalaureate (IB)SL5
HistoryInternational Baccalaureate (IB)SL5
English and History BADegree (Bachelors)2.1
Intellectual History MLittDegree (Masters)2.1
Philosophy and Literature PhDDoctoratePASS
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4.8from 67 customer reviews

Julie Anne (Parent) May 8 2017

clearcut and precise

Julie Anne (Parent) April 13 2017

concise and simple

Ben (Parent) November 7 2016

Great session - Jack was well prepared and able to talk very informatively on a broad range of themes and passages from the text.

Juliet (Parent) October 27 2016

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