Ben C.

Ben C.

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Degree: English Literature (Bachelors) - Durham University

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About me

About me:

I am an English student at the University of Durham. While I'm finding there's still plenty to explore in my subject area, I hope that I can help you to make your own work more structured and easy to approach. I have absolutely fallen in love with my subject since being at university and I'd like to share a lot enthusiasm for your subjects too.

While at school I was the Senior Prefect for the Upper School meaning that I worked with Years 10 and 11 in fundraising activities for charity. Most important for me however was that I had the opportunity to speak to classes personally with advice for their revision and how best to tackle exams.


I think it's important that you lead out tutorials and decide on what you'd like to discuss each time. We'll discuss texts and historical fact openely, covering the core knowledge you'll need and then move on to how that can be applied. At every stage, we'll make sure you have understood everything (I'm hoping that you'll have tons of questions to ask me!)

I'll also tell you about methods that have worked for me in the past and break down exams into their core elements. However, if we find that this isn't working for you, we'll work out a new plan together, specialising on what works for you.

My previous school work taught me that, when facing something challenging such as an exam or a piece of coursework, the task can seem intimidatingly daunting. What I also learned was that there is always a way to tackle those tasks and I hope that, together, we'll be able to work out anything you're struggling with.

Most importantly, the sessions will be fun! With something as open as English or History, there's plenty to explore and learn together and if you believe that my interpretation of a text is wrong, I want you to tell me!

What next?

If you're interested in working with me then please send me a 'Message in a Bottle' or book a 'Meet the Tutor Session'! You can find both of these on the website and I will respond ASAP. Just tell me which areas of your work you're struggling with particularly.

Hopefully I'll see you soon!

Subjects offered

English A Level £20 /hr
English Language A Level £20 /hr
English Literature A Level £20 /hr
Maths A Level £20 /hr
English GCSE £18 /hr
English Language GCSE £18 /hr
English Literature GCSE £18 /hr
Graphic Design GCSE £18 /hr
History GCSE £18 /hr
Maths GCSE £18 /hr


English Language and LiteratureA-levelA2A*
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Currently unavailable: for regular students

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