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Zoé L.

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Degree: Classics (Bachelors) - University College London University

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About me

Who am I ?

Good question ! I'm a second year UCL student, reading Classics, with a French background, which gives me a different approach to the subjects I tutor in. I've been tutoring since I was 15, and I like to think I can connect with my students easily. I'm passionate about what I study, and aim to convey my enthusiasm in the sessions. There's more to Latin or French than declensions and conjugations ! 

What's happening in the sessions?

It's important for me to understand how the student learns, if it's by explaining simply, or if he needs more of analogies and parallels with something he already understands. I don't have one teaching format that I apply to all my students, which makes it more interesting for me and, I believe, better for the student.

I insist on the student asking questions and I won't move on from a subject until the student can explain it back to me; I believe in what Einstein said: "If you cannot explain it simply, you didn't understand." And so, I make it a rule to answer any initial question before moving on to the body of the session.

Communication is key ! Please tell me, stop me if it's going to fast, too slow, if something isn't clear ! 

Let's have fun with it ! I hope to show you that language modules can be fun and interesting at the same time, and there's room for both in 55 mins.

You've convinced me, Zoé ! 

Well, great ! Let's meet with a "meet the tutor session" or send me a message, and I'll be happy to answer any question you might have. Remember to tell me what you expect from our work sessions, so I can immediately see where to go. 

Subjects offered

SubjectLevelMy prices
French A Level £22 /hr
Latin GCSE £20 /hr
French IB £22 /hr
History IB £22 /hr


French literatureBaccalaureate20
History Baccalaureate16
Latin Baccalaureate18
Philosophy Baccalaureate16
English LiteratureBaccalaureate20
Disclosure and Barring Service

CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


Currently unavailable: for new students

Ratings and reviews

5from 9 customer reviews

Alex (Parent) August 7 2016

Great tutor, very knowledgeable and quick to set context and structure a lesson. In depth proficiency in French Literature and beyond that she can translate into teaching, input and questions. Also, highly responsive, flexible and easy to talk to. Would highly recommend Zoe.

Amanda (Parent) May 10 2016

Great tutor, easy to work with and very helpful

Amanda (Parent) April 27 2016

Very helpful with GCSE Latin, especially grammar

Pierre (Student) April 9 2016

(Subject: french) very helpful in recommending useful resources
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All contact details will be kept confidential.

To give you a few options, we can ask three similar tutors to get in touch. More info.

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