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Chloe T.

Degree: History and Italian (Bachelors) - Durham University

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About Me: I am currently in my second year at Durham University studying two subjects I love: History and Italian. History has always been a great interest of mine. However, at A Level and GCSE the subject can present difficulties in both understanding content, and crucially in essay style. Whether you feel you would benefit from going through challenging theories together, discussing how to deploy these in your essay, or overall essay structure I am very happy to help. By looking closely at the mark scheme we will analyse what needs to be worked on to improve your grade. GCSE and A Level style essays are difficult and everyone struggles at some point! I have covered a range of topics in my teaching career, many of which I had not studied at school but had come into contact with through personal interest or in my time at university. I am not daunted by covering specific areas of history I am less familiar with, I enjoy the challenge and notwithstanding content, history is taught and examined across all boards in a similar fashion.  Subjects previously covered with students: GCSE:  Russia 1881-1914, Britain 1890-1918, The First World War 1905-1918, China 1911-1989, Nazi Germany 1918-1945, The USA 1918-1945, Civil Rights in the USA 1945-74, International Relations 1945-75 AS/A Level: The French Revolution 1789-1804, Napoleon 1789-1815, Russia and it's Rulers 1855-1960, Democracies in Change: Britain and the USA in the 20th Century, A World Divided, Superpower relations 1944-1990 Why I want to help you: I understand how difficult it can be to fulfil exam board requirements and how negotiating mark schemes and past papers can remove one’s enjoyment of a subject. I want to help you attain the best grades possible but crucially I want to reinvigorate your interest and engagement in the subject. How I teach: The sessions are designed for you to bring your problems to me and for us to solve them together. The free 15 minute free trial is an ideal time for me to gage how to make your sessions as interactive as possible. We will talk through your strengths and weaknesses in the subject and what you are aiming to take away from the sessions. I will then tailor the lessons to your needs.  Before the sessions: If you have any questions do get in touch via ‘Webmail’ or book a ‘Meet the Tutor Session’. Please specify your exam board as well as the subject and level of study. I look forward to meeting you! 

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History A Level £26 /hr
Italian A Level £26 /hr
Art GCSE £24 /hr
History GCSE £24 /hr
Italian GCSE £24 /hr


History A-levelA2A*
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4.9from 30 customer reviews

Kitty (Student) February 7 2017

Really helpful and very easy to talk to.

Mollie (Student) November 2 2016

Extremely helpful, really helped me to structure my essay in the best way and gave me thoughtful ideas to think about, thank you very much.

Alan (Parent) June 28 2016

Really clear explanations of how to structure paper questions, definitely helped me a lot in understanding how to fill the criteria and achieve the marks. :)

Martine (Parent) June 12 2016

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