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Eleanor H.

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Degree: Geography (Bachelors) - Durham University

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Availability: Tuesday through Friday 5pm - 9pm; Saturdays 9am - 5pm; Sundays 9am-9pm

Board: AQA for Biology, Chemistry, Science, and Geography GCSE; and for Biology and Chemistry A Level. Edexcel for Geography A Level.

My aim as a tutor is to give students the confidence required to be able to face their exams, through understanding of the full ciriculum expected, and through practical, memorable application of their knowledge. I believe every student has a unique learning style and adaptive tutoring can be extremely effective on a personal level. Coming from an entirely state-educated background I understand that large class sizes can be daunting and students can often be left behind - or unsatisfied with their grades. I believe that recieving tutoring from someone who attained good grades from their own hard work is ideal - as I myself struggled at first with many of the advanced principles in GCSE and A Level, but now understand them at a high level and I believe this means that I can explain them to others in an effective manner. In addition to covering the syllabus, I can also recommend unique, successful methods of revision used by myself to attain my grades.

My previous experience includes several open days working in chemistry and biology sessions at a local secondary school and my college, and a full week assisting science in a local school. In addition to this I recently tutored my brother for his science AQA GCSEs in which he attained triple A*s. Although I am a Geography BSc student, my specialities are in geo-ecology and biology, and my dissertation is enitrely focused on geochemistry. This experience means I have recent knowledge of science syllabuses in addition to my own sitting of these qualifications.

As a successful applicant of Durham University (without interview) I believe I am also qualified to assist with any personal statement help, and university application help in general. 

Subjects offered

Biology A Level £22 /hr
Chemistry A Level £22 /hr
Geography A Level £22 /hr
Biology GCSE £20 /hr
Chemistry GCSE £20 /hr
Geography GCSE £20 /hr
Science GCSE £20 /hr


Disclosure and Barring Service

CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


Ratings and reviews

5from 22 customer reviews

Jenny (Parent) April 20 2015

Super tips on exam techniques!

Jenny (Parent) April 19 2015

Organised, detailed revision-as usual. Thanks Eleanor!

Jenny (Parent) April 18 2015

A good session-as ever. Thank you Eleanor!

Jenny (Parent) April 15 2015

Lots covered in session.Eleanor-you have been a great support during revision
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