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Ben C.

Currently unavailable: until 21 May 2015

Degree: Electronics (Engineering) (Masters) - Edinburgh University

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My name is Ben Cunningham and I'm originally from the Scottish Borders where I went through the full Scottish education system, achieving my School Dux medal, before continuing my studies in Electronics (Engineering) at the University of Edinburgh in 2013.

While at high school I helped teach Standard Grade (National 5) Technological Studies in my final year and provided basic tutoring in Higher Chemistry and National 5 Mathematics. I can offer tutoring at National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher levels in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as well as Technological Studies (Sometimes known as Engineering Science) at National 4, National 5 and Higher levels.

I can also help with the compiling, structure and grammar of the infamous Advanced Higher Physics Investigation on request.

I feel it is very important to maintain a friendly two way interaction throughout the length of each tutorial session as this consolidates learning and helps quickly identify particular areas which the student is struggling with. I will also find and set relevant past-paper questions as revision between tutorials in order to maximise the actual time spent discussing and teaching in the tutorial itself. I keep my tutorials with a solid base around past exam questions to make sure that all that is being discussed has a direct relevance to the course, but in the event  that a concept is unclear and the student is inquisitive (as I am by nature myself) then I can and will embellish on the course content.

Finally, I am very enthusiastic about all things Technological and Scientific and hope, through my tutorials, to promote a little of that general enthusiasm and fascination into my students. - a little enthusiasm for a subject can go a long way. After all: “Enthusiasm spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.” - Norman Vincent Peale

Subjects offered

ICT A Level £20 /hr
Maths A Level £20 /hr
Physics A Level £20 /hr
Chemistry GCSE £18 /hr
ICT GCSE £18 /hr
Maths GCSE £18 /hr
Physics GCSE £18 /hr
Science GCSE £18 /hr


PhysicsScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced HigherA1
MathematicsScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced HigherA
ChemistryScottish highers / Advanced highersAdvanced HigherA
Technological StudiesScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA1
PhysicsScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA1
MathematicsScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA1
ChemistryScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA1
HistoryScottish highers / Advanced highersHigherA
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CRB/DBS Standard


CRB/DBS Enhanced


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Abi (Student) May 5 2014

I understand an awful lot more than I did when I started having sessions, I'm not that good at maths but the help I've received has pushed my grades higher thanks to having an awesome teacher who is much better than my maths teacher at school! :) I am very very grateful for all the help and the early notice when sessions had to be cancelled or moved around which only happened once or twice but I got lots of notice, which again is better than my school teacher! Lots of great help over a lot of sessions (I'm kind of slow) and am very grateful for the patience as well as the teaching. :)
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